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Introduced the enhanced current unmatched voltage production technology, which is considered from the perspective of energy balance(white aluminum oxide). The pure enhanced current technology is adjusted through technical conditions to increase series production capacity(aluminium oxide suppliers). Analyzing from the table, the amplitude of the enhanced current is not large, and the current density of the anode is still 0.8A/cm, so it can be said that there is still a lot of space.

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According to the calculation formula M=0.3356/square×10~* for the theoretical production capacity of aluminum electrolysis, it is known that the electrolytic strength is increased and the theoretical production capacity of electrolysis is increased(black aluminum oxide). This method of improving the strength of a series of electrical systems without technical modification and using existing equipment is called strengthening Electric fan(black oxide aluminum). The consumption of lead oxide should also be increased.

(white aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers south africa)Strengthening the current has no effect on power consumption(white corundum). In summer, the temperature of the fine bus is high, the resistance is larger, and the strengthening part cannot be too large. Strengthening current amplitude varies according to the season of grip(white fused alumina micro powder). Input-output analysis can be used, that is, the method of judging the planting condition by using the calorific value of the current efficiency of oxidation and the efficiency of electricity.

Its prerequisite is to have a full power supply and power supply equipment to meet the capacity requirements(pink aluminum oxide). The decisive factor for the enhancement of the current amplitude is the allowable capacity of the series power supply equipment, which must be within the rated range of the rectifier unit, otherwise the rolling board will fail(fused alumina). A certain electrolysis factory is afraid to strengthen the detailed data unloading of the electric inquiry. The higher the enhancement.(white aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers south africa) 

That is to say, all the oxidation data added to the essence is decomposed in the state, and it is neither present in the cotton, nor is it spun and combed due to insufficient feeding(white fused alumina). Taking a company’s 320kA electrolytic production series as an example, the strengthening frame degree is higher than in winter, the outside temperature is low in winter, and the strengthening part can be increased(garnet abrasive price). The higher the current density, the higher the anode quality requirements.

(white aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers south africa)In electrolysis production, it is mainly to re-burn to increase the heat loss of the escape path to connect(green carborundum). The most effective method is based on the high lead level. The hot aluminum water is the main part of the side heat dissipation, and the energy balance of the enhanced current is maintained by increasing the lead level heat dissipation(arc fused alumina). It is an effective way. Auxiliary measures are realized by thinning the insulation material.

After strengthening the current, the daily output of primary aluminum in a single tank is increased(brown fused alumina price). To determine the amount of material, the oxidation current rate is the corresponding current efficiency when all the alumina in the wrong phase is converted into metals. Strengthening the current will inevitably lead to an increase in heat income per unit time(glass beads supplier). Analyze according to the formula W=2.98V/9×1000 for direct current consumption of lead.(white aluminum oxide abrasive suppliers south africa)

At this time(silicon carbide price), the number of oxidation systems should wait for the lead current efficiency to be dried, namely: Oxidation lining×54÷102+theoretical aluminum output = actual aluminum output ÷ theoretical metal drawing output in the formula. 54 is the atomic weight of aluminum in oxidation. 102 is the molecular weight of alumina(silicon carbide companies). According to this, adjust the NB feed interval. Enhanced current has the advantages of low investment, quick results, and prominent benefits.

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