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White Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Price Malaysia

white fused alumina grinding stone is the most commonly used grinding tool in grinding. The preparation method of the grinding stone is a porous body which is made by adding a binder to the abrasive and then pressing, drying and baking. Because of the different garnet abrasive price, binders and manufacturing processes, the characteristics of the grinding wheel produced are very different.

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When the tool is placed on the abrasive tool, due to the role of binder, not only the large-size white aluminum oxide can contact with the surface of the workpiece, but also many small-size Brown alumina abrasive can contact with the surface of the workpiece, so that the number of silicon carbide price in contact with the surface of the workpiece is large, and each Brown alumina abrasive bears small pressure, small pressure, shallow grinding depth, and participates in grinding.(white aluminum oxide blast media price malaysia)

Such as watches, instrument parts, small cutting tools, tools, etc. The distance between the white corundum is small, the surface roughness value of the processed workpiece is small, and the surface quality of the processed workpiece is high. Therefore, it has an important influence on grinding quality, productivity and economy. It is difficult to finish the green carborundum abrasive tools. In the process of grinding, the abrasives will inevitably wear, which will affect the surface accuracy of the workpiece.

(white aluminum oxide blast media price malaysia)The characteristics of brown fused alumina price are mainly determined by abrasive, strength, bond, hardness, structure, shape and size. When the abrasives are worn, the method of dressing the abrasives can be used. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for processing large number of workpieces with strict shape requirements and high interchangeability requirements. The general particle size is from F4 to F320, and its chemical composition depends on the silicon carbide companies particle size. 

At the same time, there are many black corundum involved in the grinding process. Because it is composed of many microcrystals, after dressing with diamond tools, it can form a sharp cutting edge with equal height, so it can reliably guarantee the surface roughness of the workpiece being grinded. The processing roughness of sintered corundum abrasive tool can reach about 12 grades. So far, no one has discussed the force of aluminum oxide abrasive on the workpiece.(white aluminum oxide blast media price malaysia)

The reason is that MgO or MgF2 and pink corundum form MgO · Al2O3 spinel, which is wrapped on the surface of Al2O3 grain and inhibits the secondary recrystallization. Sintered corundum abrasives include grinding wheel, grinding head and grinding stone as common abrasives. Only according to the different requirements of machining allowance, precision and surface roughness, the aluminum oxide grit grinding tool is made into compact structure and porous structure.

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