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White Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Suppliers Canada

In production, the card is only used for positioning and operation, so it is widely used by group factories(white aluminum oxide). After the anode has been used for a certain number of days, it will disperse. The pre-electrolytic fine electrode is not consumed in production and needs to be replaced periodically(garnet supply). The anode replacement cycle is determined by the height of the rigid level and the consumption speed.

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Pole changing is an important operation in production(garnet abrasive price). All use steel claw protection ring. Another method is to use the anode positioning setting function installed on the multi-function crane, mainly the multi-function anode stroke measurement method(sandblasting grit). The replacement positions should be staggered. 330kA electrolytic refined single anode assembly is used as a dance, and 20 sets of anodes are installed (40 yuan).(white aluminum oxide blast media suppliers canada)

The anode consumption rate can be calculated by the following formula(white fused alumina): the anode replacement period can be calculated theoretically, but in actual production, the current efficiency or the influence of factors such as enhanced electrical ethics need to be adjusted and the replacement cycle is slow(brown fused alumina oxide). The first is the adjustment of seasonal changes, and the second is the adjustment of hot flat business demand.

(white aluminum oxide blast media suppliers canada)In this case, certain source rules must be followed(aluminum oxide grit). Under normal transmission conditions, the adjustment demand for seasonal changes is greater than the natural balance two energy demand. There is a big difference between winter and summer environmental temperature construction(fine grit aluminum oxide). The consumption speed of the rigid electrode is related to the anode current density, current efficiency and anode false density.

Take the 320kA electric power department as an example(white corundum), The thickness standard of insulation material in winter is that the plane is flush with the sliding of the pole steel beam, and the learning hole is not often used. Sulfur products are used to protect the 60mm high part of the steel claws, which can prevent the copper from melting and prolong the life of the anode(brown fused alumina mesh size F80). The two sides are crossed and the order is repeated.(white aluminum oxide blast media suppliers canada)

The number of anode replacement electrolyzers in the work section should not exceed two-thirds per day(green carborundum). The thickness of the insulation material in summer is reduced by about 5cm, exposing the steel halo hole. When changing the guide sample, the static horizontal bus line is horizontally marked on the guide sample(brown fused alumina for waterjet cuting), contact the computer, and press the replacement key on the basic control computer.

(white aluminum oxide blast media suppliers canada)Replace two pieces at a time, and the replacement cycle of yang fear is 28 days, and the anode surface is replaced sequentially(brown fused aluminum oxide). However, in actual production, considering the hysteresis of the electric conductivity of the new pole, the installation position of the new pole should be preset for consumption for about two days(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). 1.5cm is enough. Single slot should be equipped with uniform error and test and turn over.

And the anode replacement operating procedures are known(black aluminum oxide): Confirm the pole number and pole number according to the AC work ticket. Prepare Hong Kong tools, including long hooks, short objects, large machines, chalk, phase calipers, iron tools, thousand pieces, flat rulers, etc(synthetic corundum price). The replacement sequence of the sun building is different according to the number of carbon blocks assembled and the inspection type.(white aluminum oxide blast media suppliers canada)

And if the thermal balance of the electrolytic phase is out of balance, the technical conditions should be adopted first to adjust(pink aluminum oxide), and the Zengcheng instrument for protecting materials should be used as an auxiliary adjustment measure. Pay attention to the intersection of the A and B sides(pink fused alumina). The quality of the operation will affect the operation of the electrolyzer, and certain pole changing principles must be followed.

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