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White Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Suppliers China

According to the classification of uses, the main uses of emery are different. There are many kinds of emery. The following is the main classification of emery: silicon carbide, brown corundum, white corundum and other main commonly used abrasives are mostly used for polishing and polishing. The hardness of silicon carbide is higher and more commonly used, followed by white corundum, and finally brown corundum.

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Some other products are also included in the black aluminum oxide polishing category, such as walnut shell, corncob abrasive and so on. Sandblasting, rust removal, most of these will choose some of the higher hardness, low price, most will control its use cost, effective is the best. Floor, wear-resistant floor, this kind of black aluminum oxide blast media is not particularly high in technical requirements, mainly a little higher in acid-base and wear resistance control, of course, some special floors also have very high standards.

(white aluminum oxide blast media suppliers china)For filter material and filter material, generally choose the white fused alumina that can effectively remove impurities in water. This kind of emery will be very strict with ash content. The price of emery is different according to its use and material. As the rotation strength is the key quality index of black oxide aluminum grinding wheel, the tensile strength is a necessary test item in the selection of binder for both conventional speed grinding wheel and high speed grinding wheel.

When the sample is measured on the universal material testing machine or other pink aluminum oxide instruments, because the stress concentration of the clamp claw is generated at the place where the sample is clamped, the measured value should be multiplied by a certain coefficient to be the real strength position. The coefficient values determined by different fused alumina authors are quite different, some are determined as 1.4, some are determined as 1.75.

(white aluminum oxide blast media suppliers china)Because the white aluminum oxide chemical composition of the bond is closely related to the physicochemical and mechanical properties of the bond, it is a necessary item in the selection of the bond. The bond can be directly determined. It can also be indirectly known from the silicon carbide companies chemical composition of the analyzed raw materials. The chemical composition sites of the bond are introduced by the selected raw materials.

Other requirements are some particle and product quality problems. The same chemical composition can be introduced by different silicon carbide price raw materials, but because of different original materials The mineral composition of the binder is different, so the physical and chemical properties and mechanical properties of the binder are the same. For the bond of arc fused alumina, we can know the sintering or melting state from the fire resistance.(white aluminum oxide blast media suppliers china)

But for the bond of brown fused aluminum oxide, we need to consider two factors. One is that in high temperature, the physicochemical reaction between the bond and the abrasives will dissolve the alp3 component of lung particles in different degrees in the bond, and improve the bond The fire resistance of the mixture, so the combination of burning and melting, the old fire and green carborundum reaction capacity should be considered.(white aluminum oxide blast media suppliers china)

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