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White Aluminum Oxide Crystals Manufacturers Philippines

This method uses the well-known piezoelectric densitometer, which has two measuring tubes with different lengths immersed in the slurry(white aluminum oxide). One of the most practical disadvantages is that the horizontal installation angle of the indicator should not be greater than 25 °(aluminum oxide abrasive media). According to the opinions of experts, it can be seen from the formula that the hydrometer method and the device used have been introduced in the literature. 

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For abrasives industry, we should also consider that Abrasives wear the buoy severely, which will change the shape and volume of the buoy, resulting in the change of the thrust of the buoy(pink aluminum oxide). For this reason, hydrometer method is generally not recommended for automatic inspection of slurry density of abrasives in production, with some exceptions(46 grit aluminum oxide). All of these seriously hinder the use of this type of densitometer in the abrasive tool industry.

It is understood that some types of automatic densitometers work according to the principle of Pycnometer method(white corundum). According to the principle of hydrometer, the density measuring device of slurry has enough high sensitivity. The tube is connected with a differential micro hydraulic pressure gauge to measure the air pressure difference(240 grit aluminum oxide). The static pressure method is to measure the pressure of the slurry column on the plane submerged in the slurry at a certain depth.

Although the technical data is OK, the medium-sized HNB instrument also has disadvantages, which hinders its application in abrasive tool industry(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit). Since the higher the density of the slurry, the stronger the adhesion, the hydrometer method is only used to measure the diluted slurry or slurry. Otherwise, the solids in the slurry will settle in the moving tube and block the indicator(aluminum oxide blast media). Generally, when the slurry is thin enough, the piezoelectric densitometer can get satisfactory results.

The pipe is often blocked by the solid matter in the slurry and cannot be used(brown fused alumina price); the pipe should be cleaned frequently; the pipe is severely worn by the abrasive particles, so as to increase the measurement error; the air supply system of the compressed air must be adjusted too carefully(1200 grit aluminum oxide). The column densitometer, which works on the principle of static pressure, also has a series of disadvantages, so it is difficult to get practical application, along which compressed air is fed.

Pycnometer method has some advantages compared with the above methods, so it is widely used in laboratory and production(white fused alumina). The principle of this method is based on the measurement of the weight of the slurry injected into a specified volume(corundum sand). Taking the Hib medium-sized slurry density weighing indicator produced by Kharkov testing instrument factory as an example, it can continuously measure the density of slurry in pressure pipelines and open tanks.

The measurement range of Hib medium-sized instrument is 10-20 kn / m(black aluminum oxide), and the manufacturer shall ensure that the error does not exceed 1.5% of the basic scale of the instrument and 2% of the secondary scale of the instrument. Using the measurement method similar to densimeter(120 grit aluminum oxide), it can also be used to measure the density and content of solids in the conical hopper for chemical treatment and the slurry during hydraulic classification.

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