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The average control error of the rectifier unit is less than 100A between two units of the same unit(white aluminum oxide), and less than 100A between the units. Considering the particularity of the electrolysis series that need to increase the production capacity, it is necessary to strengthen the current production(pink aluminium oxide), the “pollution” of the power supply requires special treatment. 

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Combining with the actual situation that the current domestic electrolytic aluminum power supply rectifier system usually operates with 6 units(black corundum), the digital constant current control system network will adopt the field bus PROFIBUD-DP network, that is, each rectifier unit is equipped with a small Siemens programmable controller S7 one(garnet abrasive). 200, and the total programmable controller S7-300 form a PROFIBUS-DP bus structure.(white aluminum oxide fine powder suppliers philippines)

When the main system current is positive or negative(white fused alumina), the main control PLC will automatically perform the downshift and upshift operations of the on-load tap changer of each rectifier sister, so that the series current enters the control target bottle eye. When the current of a single unit is positive or negative(black silicon carbide powder), the side flow device of this unit will automatically adjust the control current of the Youhe comb of the unit.

(white aluminum oxide fine powder suppliers philippines)If the current reserve coefficient of the 6 units is increased by 450kA, the actual current reserve coefficient is 4.51(pink corundum). At this time, the operator directly operates or adjusts manually. In this way, the general term PLC cancels the current closed-loop control function of the rectifier system(silicon carbide abrasive powder). In addition to the above-mentioned automatic control, the intelligent flow addition system also has manual control of each unit. 

Therefore, in order to prevent these high-order harmonics from being sent back to the power grid and affecting the power supply quality of the power system(white corundum). The functions of digital PHD inspection and grid communication integrate constant current control, swimming monitoring and communication(aluminum oxide grit). With the application of digital technology, steady flow technology has been developed and improved.(white aluminum oxide fine powder suppliers philippines)

The application and progress of steady flow technology make the general control in the linear section of the saturated reactor(green silicon carbide). When the saturation is cut off, the PLC can automatically adjust the transformer The lifting of the load switch. Traditional analog steady current technology series current and voltage operation effects range(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Until the output current of the rectifier unit enters the normal adjustment range.

(white aluminum oxide fine powder suppliers philippines)The harm of harmonics in the power system is multifaceted(brown fused aluminum oxide). In summary, there are the following aspects: affecting the stable operation of the line and affecting the quality of the power grid. Harm to power equipment such as power capacitors and power transformers. Harm to electrical equipment such as motors and low-voltage switchgear(garnet suppliers). Affect the protection circuit and cause the protection to malfunction.

Affect the normal operation of the generator(black silicon carbide). Affect the accuracy of power measurement. In particular, filter reactors and filter capacitors are connected in series to form a resonant filter, which is used for 3 to 17 resonant filtering or higher order high-pass filtering; at the same time, it is supplemented by switch equipment and necessary protection equipment to form common electrolytic production(aluminum oxide abrasive). Filtering device.(white aluminum oxide fine powder suppliers philippines)

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