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White Aluminum Oxide Fine Powder Suppliers South Korea

The chemical composition of the surface layer will change significantly(white aluminum oxide). generally reduces the friction coefficient. The degree of reduction varies with different gases. Because of the gas adsorbed on the surface, the compounds of this structure mainly exist in animal and vegetable oils, not mineral oils(glass beads supplier). A metal compound film with low shear strength is formed, and the reaction speed increases with the increase of friction temperature. 

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Although this thin layer is very thin, even on the order of a few nanometers, it plays a very important role in the barrier and abrasion of the material(silicon carbide price). The changes in chemical composition mainly come from The following aspects: This interaction may have three basic forms, namely physical adsorption, chemical adsorption and chemical reaction(black silicon carbide manufacturers). The cellular structure of dislocations at the depth of 8-10um has begun to color.

(white aluminum oxide fine powder suppliers south korea)The role of oxygen in the gas is the most significant, so people often call it a natural lubricant(brown fused alumina price). Generally, the molecule of vegetable oil has an active group at one end of the chain, that is, one end of the chain obviously becomes a positively charged molecule, and the other end becomes a so-called "polarized" molecule with a negative charge. This polarized molecule has a great effect on the metal surface(arc fused alumina). Strong affinity.

In view of the difficulty of temperature measurement, many people try to find the flash temperature by theoretical calculations(white corundum). Some are derived from the theory of heat transfer. Most lubricants use It is mineral oil, and its molecular structure is generally a long chain of hydrogen and carbon atoms(black oxide aluminum): lubricating oil has a high viscosity, which can be assumed to be caused by their long chain structure intertwined with each other.(white aluminum oxide fine powder suppliers south korea)

In order to make up for this shortcoming, a certain amount of additives are often added to mineral oil to increase the active polarized molecules of the lubricating oil(pink aluminum oxide). These deep additives can migrate to the metal surface through the mineral oil, and under the action of friction, on the surface A strong monolayer or chemical coating is formed on it(silicon carbide companies). Both chemical adsorption and chemical reactions can form relatively strong bonds.

(white aluminum oxide fine powder suppliers south korea)Due to the effect of additives, the coefficient of friction can be significantly reduced(white fused alumina). There are also extreme pressure additives in lubricating oil, whose function is to decompose active elements at higher temperatures and react chemically with metal surfaces(fused alumina). The reaction speed is determined by the diffusion speed of the slow pressure additive active molecules to the metal surface through the boundary lubricant film.

After a certain period of sliding friction, the alloying elements are obviously transferred from the rocker arm to the cam surface(black aluminum oxide). This phenomenon is of course caused by the attaching process. The result of metal transfer will cause a series of changes in the contact surface, such as the surface composition, hardness, vibrancy, the size and shape of the asperities, the actual contact area, etc(green carborundum). These changes will inevitably affect the state of friction and wear.

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