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White Aluminum Oxide Grit Manufacturers Germany

The fine abrasive grains occupy a certain position, so that the abrasive grains effective for grinding are reduced, thereby reducing the grinding efficiency(aluminium oxide 36 grit). Especially for the used abrasive, that is, the excess abrasive leaked from the sand spreader, and the density of sand planting is small, it should be screened once to correct the particle size composition and remove debris(corundum sand). Hollow ball abrasive is one of the new achievements of foreign abrasive processing.

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Screening can also remove debris and coarse abrasive particles for cleaning(pink aluminum oxide). These phenomena are more easily formed in electrostatic sand planting, because the fine particles are more easily attracted by the electrode, and they adhere to the surface of the binder first(garnet abrasive). Mastering the ratio of good and small steel balls, ball-to-material ratio. Due to the reaction between sodium hydroxide and alumina, the abrasive surface is locally corroded to form a rough surface.

There is resin on the surface of the molten particles(white fused alumina), which enhances the adhesion between the abrasive particles and the binder, and can also improve the water resistance of the abrasive tools. Abrasive shaping is a certain, strict mechanical treatment of the abrasive to eliminate hidden cracks in the abrasive particles, reduce aggregate particles, improve its shape, and increase its strength(steel grid). One method of mechanical processing is ball milling, and ball milling time is crucial for good or bad shaping.

Take alkali as an example, soak corundum in an aqueous sodium hydroxide solution, heat to 500 ° C, and then cool, wash, and dry(white aluminum oxide). In addition, due to the chemical reaction between sodium hydroxide and alumina, water-soluble sodium aluminate is formed, and the surface of the abrasive grains has increased hydroxyl groups and increased polarity(garnet suppliers). Ceramics are mixed coatings of feldspar, limestone and clay, as well as iron oxide with inorganic binder coatings.

Experiments show that the abrasive cloth made with this abrasive has a significantly higher grinding efficiency than ordinary abrasive cloth(white corundum). The resin coating can be used to directly treat the abrasive with resin, or add a certain amount of refractory metal oxides, such as iron oxide, titanium oxide, oxidation fault, etc., and then treat the abrasive(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh). West Germany Hermes will use hollow ball abrasives, called "Hemesit", is considered to be the most effective abrasive in the world.

Further coating treatment may be performed(brown fused alumina price). For example, the abrasive is treated with a thermosetting phenolic resin solution, mixed with the phenolic resin powder uniformly to make it a loose material, and then heated to cure the resin to obtain a phenolic resin coated abrasive(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The durability of coated abrasives made with this abrasive is significantly improved, but the grinding efficiency is reduced because the abrasive particles are surrounded by resin.

They are mixed with the abrasive uniformly, calcined, and then loosely sieved(black aluminum oxide). Put the abrasive and a certain number of steel balls of a certain size into a ball mill, grind for a certain time, and then sieve out the fine particles. If the abrasive is treated with a thermoplastic resin, the thermoplastic resin liquefies and flows away when the coated abrasive is heated and solidified(black silicon carbide factory), so that the grinding efficiency can be improved, which is suitable for grinding leather and wood.

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