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White Aluminum Oxide Grit Manufacturers Japan

Generally, a small blast furnace is provided with one iron outlet and two to three slag outlets, and a large and medium blast furnace has two to four iron outlets and one to three slag outlets(low density white alumina). Easy to open to ensure that molten iron and slag can flow out at a uniform speed(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). The porosity is suitable to facilitate the drainage of moisture during drying.

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When the grade of iron ore is high, the amount of slag is correspondingly reduced, and the large blast furnace may not have another slag outlet(brown fused alumina price). As the blast furnace becomes larger and larger, the number of tappings is frequent, resulting in excessive burden on the tapholes, and the amount of iron at each taphole is sometimes as high as about 3000t(alumina grit). Therefore, the working conditions of the tapholes are extremely harsh.

The mud used to block the iron outlet is crowded with mud guns, so it is also called gun mud(white fused alumina). The blast furnace mud should have a sufficiently high fire resistance and have the following properties: good plasticity and adhesion, easy to squeeze into and fill the gaps and cracks. Small volume shrinkage at high temperature causes cracks in rabbits(black alumina). Good sintering performance, good strength, erosion and erosion resistance.

The practice of self-baking carbon block furnace lining on more than 160 medium and small blast furnaces in China has proven that the self-baking carbon block furnace charging technology is an economically feasible(black corundum), safe and reliable long-life lining technology for medium and small blast furnaces(glass bead blasting media suppliers); The C3C type is composed of high-density coke, silicon carbide and clay, and has good erosion resistance. 

Japan Kawasaki Furnace Material Co., Ltd(white aluminum oxide). produces 4 types of blast furnace mud: CA type is composed of mullite, silicon carbide, carbon and clay.Its characteristics are fast drying, good low temperature sintering performance, high strength and good wear resistance. It is characterized by high alumina content in the matrix material, low tar consumption and high strength(aluminium oxide blasting). Good abrasion resistance and erosion resistance. 

Generally, the artillery mud for the iron outlet of small and medium-sized blast furnaces is mainly mixed with clay clinker particles, coke powder and asphalt(pink corundum); The cannon mud for large and medium blast furnaces is generally made of high-aluminum materials, although somewhat polluting, and additional substances such as carbides and carbon materials are added in order to stabilize the depth of the tap hole.

Japan's Nippon Steel Corporation's No. 1 and No. 2 blast furnaces and Donggang No. 4 blast furnaces use resin combined with artillery mud(white corundum), while No. 1 and No. 4 blast furnaces and Jun J3 and No. 4 blast furnaces use tar combined cannons The amount of mud is 595 ~ 655t and 660 ~ 885t(white alumina powder). Both types of artillery mud have been used satisfactorily. The former is non-polluting and has a high price; the latter, is cheap and widely used.

CF type is mixed with special flux on the basis of CC type to improve sinterability(garnet suppliers); CR type is composed of wax stone, silicon carbide and carbon. These four types of gun mud are all mixed with asphalt in advance, packed in plastic bags, each bag is 7kg, and stored in a thermal insulation warehouse at 20 ~ 45 ° C, which is convenient to use(steel grid). As the binder, asphalt is generally used, and resin materials can also be used.

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