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The fine grinding of white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit material is also processing, which is generally carried out in the production of refractories. For example, special corundum refractories use light burnt corundum powder as raw material, sintered corundum products, and amorphous corundum refractories also use white fused aluminum oxide powder and micro powder, so as to achieve the material grinding. 

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The sintered white fused alumina material is also made of powder material, so the fine grinding process is very important. Up to now, ball mill and vibration mill are still used in large-scale production. There are several mechanical methods for grinding. The grinding efficiency of the ball mill has the following factors. At this time, the green carborundum grinding ball does not fall down with the mill rotation, which can not achieve the effect of grinding.

The ball mill is a cylindrical vessel, the outer skin is made of steel plate, the inner wall is lined with black corundum brick or wear-resistant rubber, plastic or plexiglass ball mill are mostly used in small batch production or laboratory. In the ball mill, corundum ball or rod is used as the grinding body; some steel balls are used. In order to improve the steel grid grinding effect, some metal carbides, such as WC ball, are used to achieve better results.

The white aluminum oxide grinding function of the ball mill is mainly to bring the ball to a certain height by the friction between the ball and the inner wall and the centrifugal force. Under the action of gravity, the ball falls to impact the material to achieve the purpose of grinding; at the same time, the ball makes relative sliding in the grinding cylinder, silicon carbide companies which makes the material impact and friction with the ball and the inner wall of the mill.

Generally speaking, the greater the rotation speed of the ball mill, the higher the pink corundum grinding efficiency. Because the greater the rotation speed, the higher the rising height of the ball, the greater the potential energy and kinetic energy stored in the ball, the greater the impact force of the ball falling. However, when the fused alumina rotation speed of the mill exceeds a certain limit, the centrifugal force of the mill is equal to the gravity it receives.

When the rotation speed of the white corundum mill is too slow, the ball can only rise to a very low height and then fall down, its potential energy and kinetic energy are very small, and the impact force is not large, so the grinding efficiency is very low, and even can not achieve the purpose of crushing. When the rotation speed is appropriate, the grinding body is brought to the highest point and then dropped, the glass beads supplier grinding efficiency is the largest.

Starting from the force of the ball movement in the mill, the mathematical derivation is made, silicon carbide price and the limit speed or critical speed is obtained. For ball milling, with the increase of ball milling time, the fineness of raw materials becomes finer, and the speed of thinning is faster in the early stage and slower in the later stage. Ball milling is carried out by ball mill, and the higher the black oxide aluminum grinding efficiency. 

However, when the milling time is extended to a certain limit, the pulverizing effect will be reduced, brown fused alumina price which is because the crushed fine powder forms aggregates under the effect of molecular cohesion, which hinders further pulverization; at the same time, the fine powder plays a buffering role on the large particles, and the arc fused alumina ball mill, making it difficult for the larger uncrushed particles to be further pulverized.

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