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The biggest harm of TiO2 is hindering the dissolution of bauxite and the formation of high temperature scars(100 grit aluminum oxide). Adding lime can increase the rate of titanium oxide dissolution reaction(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). Calcium titanate crystals usually take the form of fine rectangular parallelepipeds or short square prisms, the maximum conversion of titanium oxide to sodium titanate is determined by the "free" caustic content in the solution.

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The amount of residual Na2O is equivalent to Na2O: TiO2 (molar ratio) = 1: 5 ~ 6, which is equivalent to the product Na2O- at low alkali concentration(pink corundum). The form of the material produced by the reaction between titanium mineral and NaOH varies according to the concentration of caustic lye and temperature(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers). From the state diagram of Na2O-TiO2-H2 system, it can be seen that under the general Bayer process dissolution conditions (without lime). 

The ability of titanium minerals to react with NaOH decreases in the order of amorphous titanium oxide(white fused alumina), anatase, brookite, and rutile, and titanium minerals only react with an unsaturated sodium aluminate solution with an Al2O3 content(glass bead blasting media suppliers). When the dissolved Na2O · 3TiO2-2H20 is washed with hot water, hydrolysis can occur. 6TiO2, according to which the loss of alkali taken away by TiO2 can be calculated. 

When the solution is saturated with Al2O3 (equilibrium Singularity ratio solution), it no longer interacts with NaOH, that is, in sodium ruthenate solution(white aluminum oxide). It is also believed that when a large amount of TiO2 reacts for a long period of time at higher temperatures and alkali concentrations, the stable equilibrium solid is the crystalline sodium titanate(120 grit aluminum oxide), but at lower alkali concentrations and lower temperatures, titanium minerals such as anatase Still the main phase.

Titanium oxide has a different mineral composition and a different ability to react with caustic(white corundum). Colloidal titanium oxide can react with the mother liquor at about 100 ° C. The amount of Na2O combined with rutile at 180 ° C is about 10% of the amount of anatase and 50% ~ 70% at 240 ° C(black silicon carbide manufacturers). B.E. MeuseuoB proposed that anatase should be converted into hydrated colloidal TiO2 · nH2 after reacting for a long time in a solution with a concentration of less than 300g / LNa2O.

The test shows that under the conditions of 200 ℃, Na2O concentration of 200g / L, and Al2O3 concentration of 142g / L, the reaction rate of rutile is very small when CaO is not added(brown fused alumina price). After adding CaO, the reaction rate of rutile increases sharply, at the same time The more CaO added, the larger the rutile reaction rate(steel grid). After adding CaO, the reaction products were mainly perovskite and a small amount of Na2TiO3.

The titanium-containing minerals in gangue bauxite significantly deteriorate the dissolution performance of the boehmite(black corundum). Anatase is more harmful than rutile. TiO2 can react with NaOH to generate several sodium titanates: NaHTiO3, Na2TiO3, Na2O · 3TiO2-5H2O(garnet suppliers). Many people have found that the molar ratio of caustic NazO and TiO2 in these sodium titanates is between 1: 2 and 1: 6, Tio2 and NaOH The produced product is Na2O · 3TiO2 · 2H2O.

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