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White Aluminum Oxide Grit Wholesale Suppliers Belgium

The soft roller is made of cotton or paper pulp after high pressure pressing and then flattened and polished(silicon carbide price): the surface has a certain hardness, also has a certain elasticity, is not easy to absorb moisture, and is resistant to high temperatures; the hard roller is made of cast steel, and its surface is smooth(glass bead blasting media suppliers), Hollow, can be heated by steam, electricity or gas.

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Through the pressing device, the rollers are pressed against each other, and the fabric passes through the pressure points between the rollers, which can be stretched and ironed to obtain gloss(green carborundum). Binders are also called adhesives and adhesives. Calenders can generally be divided into flat calenders, friction calenders and other types(steel grid). This cohesive force tightly encases the abrasive in the network structure of the binder.

The upper and lower rollers can be used as soft rollers, or the middle roller can be used as soft rollers(white fused alumina). The cost of soft rollers is higher and the manufacturing process is more complicated. The linear speed of the soft and hard rollers of the flat calender is the same(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit), while the linear speed of the soft and hard rollers of the friction calender is inconsistent, so that the fabric When passing through the roller, it is rubbed to produce a strong gloss.

The general pressure is controlled below 18kg / cm, and the temperature is controlled at 80 ~ 100 ℃. The cloth bypasses the steel roller(white aluminum oxide). The speed of the steel roller is higher than the speed of the cloth, and the effect of ironing and gloss increase due to friction(brown fused alumina suppliers). From inspection, singeing to calendering, the original fabric treatment process is completed, and the processed substrate can be transferred to the manufacturing process.

As the name implies, a binder is a substance that can bind the same or different materials to each other(black corundum). It has only one steel roller with a smooth and smooth surface, which is heated by resistance wire or steam. The surface temperature can reach 120 ℃. Binder has a decisive position in the coated abrasive industry(brown fused alumina 60 grit). The binder should use water as a solvent as much as possible to reduce pollution and avoid the risk of combustion and explosion.

The discussion in this chapter is mainly about the adhesives used to coat the abrasive base and compound(white corundum). The development of the coated abrasive industry is closely related to the development of the binder industry. The emergence of new binders has promoted the production of new coated abrasives(silicon carbide companies): modern industry requires a certain performance of coated abrasives, and has prompted people to develop new types of binders.

This is not to say that other ingredients are not important, but it is undoubted that the binder plays a leading role(pink corundum). There are many varieties of coated abrasives, and the requirements for the binder are also different, but they must meet the following requirements: The coated abrasive binder should have a two-sided binding force(garnet abrasive). It has a very high adhesion to inorganic abrasives, And has a high adhesion to the organic plant fiber matrix.

It is deeply inserted into the body of one end and tightly integrated with it(brown fused alumina price); the other end firmly holds the abrasive particles standing on the base body so that it will not cause displacement and fall off under the action of external force. This cohesive force has both the affinity of the binder to the abrasive particles and the cohesive force of the binder itself(garnet suppliers). Therefore, the latter method is superior to the former method.

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