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White Aluminum Oxide Grit Wholesale Suppliers China

For large white fused alumina oxide mfg products, the grouting time is very long. Due to the wall thickness of the injection part, when the water absorption capacity of the gypsum mold is insufficient, it is not easy to dry out. The common pressure method is to raise the liquid level of the slurry inlet funnel or slurry barrel to form a natural pressure on the slurry in the white fused alumina for refractory mold. Cover type vacuum compact insulator blank. The vacuum processing equipment is shown in the figure.

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Sometimes after the white aluminum oxide grit excess mud is poured out, the inner wall of the injection part is still wet and easily damaged. In order to increase the density of the injection parts, shorten the grouting time, and avoid the lack of material in large or special-shaped injection parts, the slurry must be injected into the gypsum mold under pressure. After the vacuum treatment is completed, the slurry is directly poured into the steel grid gypsum mold from the slurry conveying pipe.

The way the mud is injected into the gypsum mold under pressure is called pressure casting. For some special white fused alumina products, special pressurization devices are required. The mud generally contains a small amount of air, which will undoubtedly affect the density of the injection part and the performance of the product. Therefore, for products with high quality black silicon carbide requirements, the gypsum mold can be placed in a vacuum environment for casting, that is, vacuum casting.

The white aluminum oxide pressure gauge indicates the vacuum degree in the tank. That is, a vacuum pump is connected to one side of the suction tank, and a slurry storage tank is connected to the other side. After the required vacuum is drawn, the slurry inlet valve is opened, and the slurry is sucked into the suction tank from the slurry storage barrel. At this time, the vacuum pump is constantly working, sucking the mud in the suction tank, black corundum and the air contained in it is continuously pumped away.

The slurry prepared from industrial white corundum calcined at not less than 1550 ° C, and the addition of unfired alumina in the form of 10% suspension, can ensure the green body has a higher strength during drying and firing. Note that the vacuuming mud should be filled in the model as soon as possible, and the green silicon carbide residual pressure in the vacuum chamber should be kept below 2kPa. Threaded tubes and small injection parts can be demolded on the same day.

Tube and large injection parts are generally left for 3 to 4 days after demolding before demoulding. The pink corundum pouring and standing time depends on the thickness of the board. Before the body is removed, the excess thickness on the surface is removed and the board is placed on the dry unfired alumina powder. The green body taken out of the model is put into a box bowl, brown fused alumina price and filled with calcined alumina powder until the green body is above.

The brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh medium thickness board should be stored on it for 2 ~ 3 days and nights, or 3 ~ 6 days and nights. The so-called centrifugal casting is to make the model rotate. After the slurry is injected into the cavity, due to the centrifugal force, a very dense dry layer can be formed. Because the slurry contains air bubbles, it is lighter. When the silicon carbide abrasive mold is rotated, it is concentrated in the center, And then ruptured to avoid the impact on the injection parts.

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