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White Aluminum Oxide Lapping Compound Price Pakistan

Considering that the pipe rod products should be fired by hanging method(white fused alumina), the grouting port of the stone sound mold should be made into a trumpet with an angle of 60 °. The dry material block shall be powdered by the pulverizer or dry ball mill, and the particle size of the powder shall be less than 0.074mm (200 mesh). After the demoulded body has a certain strength(synthetic corundum), it should be rough repaired and the flash should be removed.

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Similarly, after discharging the slurry, use a blade to scrape the slurry absorption material higher than the upper plane of the gypsum mold(brown fused alumina price). When pouring all kinds of tubular and rod-shaped products, most of them adopt two petal or multi petal combined stone sound mold. On the top of the corundum sand, a thin sheet of the same material as the product with synchronous shrinkage shall be paved(emery abrasive). Then in a certain humidity, heat and dry slowly (50-70 ℃).(white aluminum oxide lapping compound price pakistan)

Then remove the splint or rubber tube that fasten the stone sound mold(silicon carbide abrasive), and lay the gypsum mold on the workbench horizontally, raise the rear part at the same time, with the grouting port facing down, forming an angle of 30 ° ~ 45 °. After the blank body is removed from the mold, first remove the upper part of the combined gypsum mold (no more than half of the limit), and then demould after the return body shrinks completely(garnet abrasive). After drying, the body should be refined, including opening, carving, punching, polishing, etc.

(white aluminum oxide lapping compound price pakistan)Then move the green body to a dry plate with pad or cloth, and put it in an airless drying room for natural drying for more than 1 day(green silicon carbide). Finally, dry without humidity. Until the moisture content of the green body is less than 0.5%. The dried green body should be cooled naturally under the condition of no ventilation(garnet suppliers). The shape, size and thickness of the sheet shall be related to the products to be fired, but the thickness shall not be less than 2mm generally.

The charging proportion of ball mill and the products such as increased cochlea can be filled by the suit method, but the increased cochlea of the suit shall not exceed 3 layers(black silicon carbide). Alumina crucibles, balls and other small products are fired in a box. The method of packing the box body is to pave the bottom of the box body with fused corundum sand, the particle size of the corundum sand is 0.5-1.0mm, and the thickness of the corundum sand is 2-3mm(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Tube blank can be set, but not more than two layers.

In order to ensure the perpendicularity of tubular products and rod products, the lifting method is adopted to pack them tightly(aluminum oxide abrasive), and they should be fired in the convertible top type inverted flame kiln. When loading the kiln, high quality corundum bricks are used to build a support frame, and corundum bayonet bricks are installed on the upper part of the frame(steel grid). Determine the width and height of the scaffold according to the thickness and length of the products.(white aluminum oxide lapping compound price pakistan)

The bell mouth of the bayonet brick shall be consistent with the size and shape of the bell body(aluminum oxide grit). The tube blank is gently supported by bayonet brick, i.e. the tube blank cannot be completely suspended, so as to prevent the tube from breaking during the burning process(high purity fused aluminum oxide). The installed tube blank shall be covered with alumina sheet, so as to not only prevent flame impact, but also prevent corundum sand pad or other sundries from falling into the tube, causing pollution to the products.

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