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White Aluminum Oxide Lapping Compound Suppliers China

The filter is filled with nickel wire mesh, and the electrolyte is filtered through impurities(carborundum abrasives). Install the polar plate support frame. Daily is to further reduce the alkali content (especially oxygen) in the gas. Because the outflow of hydrogen is twice that of oxygen, the volume of hydrogen storage is twice that of oxygen storage(aluminum oxide sandblasting). After the diaphragm is damaged, the purity of the gas decreases, which will destroy the work of the entire electrolyzer.

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At this time, the washing tower is washed by spraying method to make the washing effect better(silicon carbide grit). Fill the tower with ceramic rings to increase the contact area. The reservoir is a passenger container for storing gas, and the gas storage container that has passed the test is sent to the user by pipeline or compressed and bottled(carborundum grit suppliers). This has a great impact on the normal operation of the electrolytic cell, the service life of the electrolytic fines, and the location of the gas.

(white aluminum oxide lapping compound suppliers china)During the production process of the electrolytic cell, due to the corrosion(arc fused alumina), temperature effect and oxidation of the electrolyte on the cell body, no new mechanical impurities are added to the electrolyte. The gas square regulator uses a wooden seal to adjust the pressure, that is, the level of the two gases is used to make the pressure level of the two gases(black silicon carbide powder). In actual use, the drying tower is often not used, and the secondary washing tower is installed. 

Therefore, the electrolyte must be filtered to remove mechanical impurities(wilson abrasive). Check the magnetic isolation and polar plates with a 12-volt bulb, and no short-circuits may occur. With a tension of 20 tons, the electrolysis will be repeated (as determined by the deformation of the spring). During cooking, the asbestos-like rubber sheet pads softened. At this time, the bolts should be tightened at any time to maintain the pulling force at about 25 tons(carborundum grit). The role of the drying tower is to dry the gas.

Cook with 2 to 3 atmospheres of falling air for 30 to 40 hours(brown fused aluminum oxide). At the same time, the tightening of the tightening bolts of the air-liquid ring should be consistent with the diaphragm compensation. First loosen a pair of diagonal bolts in the diagonal direction, and then loosen the bolts in the other direction. While loosening and tightening the bolts. After cooking, the final tension of the bolt is 40 tons(silicon carbide 180 grit). If the group alkali is serious, it should be repaired.(white aluminum oxide lapping compound suppliers china)

After the electrolyzer is installed(black corundum), after the airtightness test and lye washing, and after checking the electrical image quality with the light meter, the electrolyte can be poured into the electrolyzer until the middle position of the airway tube for trial run and maintenance of the electrolyzer At first(silicon carbide abrasive grit), the lye in the electrolytic concentrate must be returned to the alkali storage tank in the country, and the electrolytic tank should be rinsed with water before being overhauled.

(white aluminum oxide lapping compound suppliers china)Most of the wet gas storage stores hydrogen and oxygen(pink corundum). The tension bolts of the air raceway should also be loosened to avoid deformation by force. After the number of tightening bolts is loose, you can remove the diaphragm frame or replace the diaphragm frame gasket according to the piece(green silicon carbide powder). After stopping the east, the white knots outside the tank must be wiped clean, and the temperature and alkali conditions of the electrolytic cell must be checked.

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