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White Aluminum Oxide Lapping Compound Suppliers Taiwan

The twist fabric is mainly made of polyester, which has better processing effect(silicon carbide price). The processing method is that the polyester fabric is placed in high temperature and strong alkali to hydrolyze the surface of polyester fiber, which will produce ripple on the surface of the fiber, reduce the diameter of the fiber and loosen the fabric(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). Of course, this will inevitably reduce the acid and alkali resistance of nonwovens.

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Because synthetic fibers are hydrophobic, they are easy to carry static electricity(white fused alumina). Most of the special materials added are ceramic materials. The finishing of filter cloth has three main purposes: to ensure the stability of the cloth, to improve the surface characteristics of the cloth, and to adjust the permeability of the cloth(glass beads supplier). Nonwoven technology is a new technology which combines plastic, papermaking and textile technology.

(white aluminum oxide lapping compound suppliers taiwan)There are two ways to prevent the synthetic fiber from being charged(white aluminum oxide): one is to add conductive processing aids to discharge the static electricity generated by friction on the fiber; the other is to discharge the water absorbed by the absorbent processing agent as the medium(arc fused alumina). These high-performance fibers give new fibers high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high modulus and high strength.

At present, the method of hydrophilic polymer surface using titanium oxide photocatalyst is being studied(white corundum), that is, in the case of titanium oxide coexisting, ultraviolet radiation on the fiber will realize the surface hydrophilization of synthetic fiber due to the catalyst of titanium oxide. In the whole production process, tension acts on the filter cloth(black oxide aluminum). The difference of the geometrical size of nanofibers, micron fibers and ordinary fibers.(white aluminum oxide lapping compound suppliers taiwan)

Cationic, non-ionic and betaine surfactants can be used as antistatic agents, but their performance and durability are not high(brown fused alumina price). Now developed polymer type processing agent, durability is greatly improved. In order to overcome the shortcomings of hydrophobic synthetic fibers, in addition to using processing agents(silicon carbide companies), hydrophilic polymers can also be used to form thin films on the surface of fibers so the filter cloth needs stability.

(white aluminum oxide lapping compound suppliers taiwan)In addition, the following methods can also be used to modify the surface of synthetic fibers(black corundum), such as grafting polymerization of hydrophilic compounds, plasma treatment, electron radiation treatment, oxidation of fiber surface to achieve hydrophilization. Laser irradiation or sputtering etching can be used to abrade or etch the fiber surface(fused alumina), and the hydrophilic processing of the surface can also be realized.

Otherwise, the size of the cloth will change after the tension is removed, which may cause the feeding hole on the filter press not aligned with the hole on the filter cloth(pink corundum). The cloth should be treated with hot water or dry heat setting, and the temperature and duration of treatment depend on the polymer material of the cloth(green carborundum). Lapping is the most commonly used method to improve the surface properties of cloth.

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