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In order to reduce the measurement error caused by the erosion of the electrolyte to the quartz conductivity cell, a new conductivity cell is replaced for each measurement, and the measurement time is shortened as much as possible(white aluminum oxide manufacturers panama). However, the conductivity measured in the laboratory is different from the actual conductivity of the electrolyte melt in an industrial electrolytic cell(aluminum oxide for sale). 

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For example, in order to make the alumina added into the electrolytic cell have a longer residence time in the electrolyte, this is required The electrolyte has a higher viscosity(white aluminum oxide manufacturers panama): the movement of the electrolyte with too little viscosity during the production process will also increase, which will increase the dissolution of aluminum in the electrolyte and reduce the current efficiency(aluminum oxide abrasive powder).

One of the methods to determine the primary crystal temperature of electrolyte is to take a certain amount of tested samples and place them in the platinum crucible(sponge media abrasive), put the crucible into a well type high-temperature furnace with very good heat preservation effect, heat until all electrolyte samples melt and overheat to a certain temperature, then slowly cool down, measure the temperature with platinum thermocouple(white aluminum oxide manufacturers panama).

Improving the conductivity of electrolyte can reduce the cell voltage(corundum sand), save electric energy and reduce the power consumption per unit product under the condition of increasing the insulation of electrolytic cell(white aluminum oxide manufacturers panama); Or increase the electrode current density of the electrolytic cell and increase the output of aluminum without increasing the electrolyte voltage drop(pink aluminum oxide). The conductivity of electrolyte is a very important property.

Bayer process and Hall - ERU process have been producing aluminum for 20 years(alumina blasting). Even if the sample is taken from an industrial electrolytic cell, the result will be changed due to the constant change of the electrolyte composition during the measurement process and the departure from the electrolysis conditions, and automatically record the temperature time curve of the whole cooling process with potentiometer(white aluminum oxide manufacturers panama).

The conductivity increases linearly with the increase of temperature(white aluminum oxide manufacturers panama). The temperature corresponding to the first inflection point of the cooling curve is the primary crystallization temperature of the electrolyte(180 grit aluminum oxide). The electrolyte in the solid state of liquid electrolysis is neutral to acidic, white, strongly acidic (molar ratio of 2.0 or below) with light yellow, alkaline and purplish brown(silicon carbide powder). So far, no new process can replace them.

To know the effect of a certain component on the primary crystallization temperature of electrolyte(black corundum), taking alumina as an example, just prepare a series of naaif-al203 systems with different alumina content and repeat the above determination process to determine the mathematical model of the change of primary crystallization temperature with alumina content(white aluminum oxide manufacturers panama). The data show that the impact is very significant(80 grit aluminum oxide). 

The conductivity cell constant (that is, the ratio of the conductive length to the conductive area) is calibrated with 1lmol reference pure potassium chloride solution(white aluminum oxide manufacturers panama). In the electrolyte melt, the conductivity of the electrolyte decreases with the increase of the mass fraction of alumina(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). Under normal conditions of aluminum electrolysis, its comprehensive influence reduces the conductivity of electrolyte by about 0.12-0.185/em. 

Or for the electrolytic cell with low electrode distance, increase the electrode distance while keeping the cell voltage unchanged, so as to improve the stability of the electrolytic cell and improve the current efficiency(white aluminum oxide manufacturers panama). The conductivity of pure cryolite near the melting point is (2.8±0.02)S/em(silicon carbide grit). When the temperature is 1000 ℃, the conductivity of electrolyte is related to the mass fraction of alumina as follows. 

Therefore(aluminium oxide sand), Alf also reduces the electrolyte conductivity, that is, with the decrease of molar ratio, the electrolyte conductivity also decreases: with the increase of the mass fraction of CAF and MGF in the electrolyte, the electrolyte conductivity decreases(white aluminum oxide manufacturers panama); However, LIF can significantly improve the conductivity of electrolyte(alumina abrasive). The influence trend of various additives on electrolyte conductivity is shown in the figure. 

Carbon particles mainly existing in the electrolyte, colloidal alumina suspended in the electrolyte and some oxide impurities brought by raw materials all reduce the conductivity(brown aluminum oxide). The finer the carbon particles, the longer it stays in the electrolyte, and the greater the impact on the conductivity. Carbon particles and alumina suspension are also important factors affecting the conductivity of industrial electrolyte.

Table 15 lists a set of data on the influence of carbon slag on the conductivity of industrial electrolytes(alumina sand). The electrolyte has a certain resistance and generates resistance heat(white aluminum oxide manufacturers panama). The electromechanical drive mechanism uses an electric motor to drive the furnace body to turn over through a reduction device and a trunnion installed on the supporting ring to achieve the purpose of tilting the furnace(garnet blasting media). Generated by reaction.

Therefore, during the electrolysis process, it is not advisable to agitate the sediment at the bottom of the tank unless it is required for special treatment(aluminum oxide for sale). The product has moderate hardness, high toughness, good self-sharpening, low sand consumption and can be recycled and reused, and the abrasive parts have good finish; and the chemical composition is stable, wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant(white aluminum oxide manufacturers panama). 

In recent years(aluminium oxide blasting), it has been used to make large and medium-sized blast furnace tapping hook castables and tapping anhydrous gun mud aggregates and raw materials for the manufacture of ordinary corundum bricks (including high-aluminum silicon carbide). After the electrolyte is stirred for 10-30 minutes, the conductivity can return to its normal value(steel shot abrasive). However, the electrolyte needs to have a certain viscosity in production(white aluminum oxide manufacturers panama).

The carbon particles in the electrolyte come from the exfoliation of the carbon particles caused by the oxidation of the anode carbon block(aluminum oxide anti slip grit), followed by the exfoliation of the cathode carbon block caused by the impact of aluminum liquid, and a small amount of fine carbon powder is the aluminum and anode gas dissolved in the electrolyte(white aluminum oxide manufacturers panama). Always hope that the higher the conductivity of the electrolyte, the better.

At present, the resistance voltage drop of the electrolyte in the industrial aluminum electrolysis cell accounts for about 30% of the cell voltage(glass bead abrasive). This part of the resistance heat is the basis for maintaining the heat balance of the electrolysis cell at the electrolysis temperature, but it is also this(white aluminum oxide manufacturers panama). This heat loss has become the main reason for the high energy consumption of aluminum electrolysis(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). 

Stirring the sediment on the bottom of the tank will cause the conductivity of the electrolyte to decrease(120 grit aluminum oxide sandblasting media), because some infusible impurities and alumina that is too late to dissolve will return to the electrolyte, so that it can be fully dissolved and not sink to the bottom of the cell quickly to form a precipitate, reducing the conductivity by 0.15-0.27/em, which is unfavorable for electrolysis production(white aluminum oxide manufacturers panama). 

The molten salt conductivity tester mainly includes a high-frequency AC power supply (the frequency should be in the range of 2000-4000Hz to avoid polarization of the electrode and affect the accuracy of the measurement), a Wheatstone bridge, an oscilloscope, a conductivity cell with a quartz double capillary, and Platinum electrode with a diameter of 1 mm(white aluminum oxide manufacturers panama). How do we measure the conductivity of the electrolyte(aluminium oxide blasting media)?

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