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The content of main components in electrolytic production is given(white aluminum oxide). Among them, icebergite accounts for 8% ~ 0%, molecular ratio is 2.0 ~ 26, oxidation content is 5% ~ 8.5%, calcium chloride is 4% ~ 6%, bottled magnesium is 3% ~ 5% and oxidizability is 2% ~ 3%(pink fused alumina). All the operation conditions have basically reached the normal production range. In order to effectively ensure the stable operation of the electrolytic cell.

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After the start-up of the electrolysis inspection, after 2-3 months of adjustment, the furnace cavity is formed with a strong and regular shape(green silicon carbide). Due to the relationship between oxidation concentration and current efficiency, anode effect is easy to occur when the oxidation concentration is wrong(black synthetic corundum). At present, the alumina concentration is controlled between 1.5% and 3% for large-scale urban point feeding, such as smooth discharge.

(white aluminum oxide manufacturers south africa)At present, the relationship between oxidation concentration and voltage is(white fused alumina): once the oxidation concentration is lower than 1.5%, causing effect, and the power consumption will be increased. However, when the concentration of alumina is too high, the alumina will sink into the bottom of the comb before it is completely dissolved, resulting in precipitation(black fused alumina).  Electrolyte composition plays an important role in copper production.

The external appearance of electrolyzer is that the electrolyte has good working permeability, strong blue color at the fire eye(black silicon carbide), electrolyte liquid level of plate size is naturally formed at the aluminum outlet, the edge and shell surface are loose and easy to hit, and the test interface of two levels is clear(garnet suppliers). The control of oxidant concentration has a great influence on the stable operation and current efficiency of the electrolytic cell.(white aluminum oxide manufacturers south africa)

If the content of oxidation in the electrolyte is low, the temperature of the toughened product will be high, which will reduce the secondary oxidation phase loss of lead(white corundum). At this time, the possibility of cotton ion teaching on the cathode is small, and the density and viscosity of the electrolyte are reduced, so that the electrolyte has better fluidity(buy brown fused alumina), the cell voltage will rise rapidly, which is due to the metal precipitation from the electrolyte.

(white aluminum oxide manufacturers south africa)Therefore, it is very important to control the concentration of alumina, which is the guarantee of the balance of the electrolysis grid(brown fused aluminum oxide). The separation of feeding is an important basis to maintain the material balance and maintain a reasonable over and under feeding mode. And the composition of the electrolyte to love rent, protect help(100 grit aluminum oxide). The crusty visual acuity and the limit of electrolyte bright surface have great influence.

Therefore, the selection of molecular ratio of 2.25-2.45 for large-scale liquor tank can ensure the stable operation of the electrolyzer and maintain a high current efficiency(black aluminum oxide). If domestic powdery oxidation error is used, its solubility in electrolyte is poor, so the molecular ratio should be refined and higher(garnet abrasive). Cryolite with molecular ratio equal to 3 is called neutral electrolyte, alkaline electrolyte with more than 3 and ester electrolyte with less than 3.(white aluminum oxide manufacturers south africa)

It can be determined that the electrolytic refining has entered the normal production stage(pink aluminum oxide). The increase of the surface integral force between the electrolyte and the carbon is helpful to the separation of the carbon particles from the electrolyte and to reduce the solubility of the carbon particles in the electrolyte(fused aluminium oxide). The electrolyte crust on the protector is soft and easy to process. It is beneficial to improve the efficiency of electric application..

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