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White Aluminum Oxide Non-skid Grit Price USA

The service life is very long, the brick type is unusually complicated, and the technical requirements are very high when masonry(white corundum). The alkali joints should be built uniformly, the mortar should be full, and the verticality and horizontality should meet the requirements of the environmental standards(150 grit aluminum oxide). There are two ways to repair, one is to remove the lining and re-brick after the local damage; use fire-resistant spray paint to directly repair it.

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The actual linear expansion rate is basically consistent with the pre-calculated, the oven is successful(brown fused aluminum oxide). At present, as the lining, the furnace heat storage air height 1/3 and above are all made of silicon brick: brick is used as the lining, which has been in continuous production for six years(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The main application areas are furnace door, small flue of regenerator, furnace head protection plate, around coal loading hole, furnace roof surface layer and gas riser, etc.

The quality of the coke oven oven really affects its life. In the past, refractory castables for coke ovens in Japan used aluminate cement as a binder(black aluminum oxide). The lining of the coke oven head and furnace door is most vulnerable to damage due to temperature stress and mechanical wear. Preventive maintenance has been carried out on the furnace head and other parts(green carborundum). In recent years, coke ovens in various countries have been sprayed with spray paint, and the effect is good.

They do not require curing after construction and have excellent high temperature performance(pink aluminum oxide). When this material is used for furnace door lining, 0.5 ~ 3.0% of heat-resistant steel fiber is often added to improve the strength and wear resistance of refractory castables and prevent cracking or puncture during use(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). The service life of the refractory concrete of the furnace door can reach more than two years, which is being popularized on coke ovens.

In recent years, factories have generally used binders such as clay and phosphate to prepare refractory castables(white fused alumina). This kind of spray paint has good bonding performance, high strength, good wear resistance, and its service life is more than 7 times higher than that of water glass spray paint lining(fused alumina). Therefore, it should be carefully operated according to the oven curve provided by the design, so as to slowly pass the conversion temperature of each crystal form of the silicon brick. 

In addition, the Soviet Union generally used aluminate cement clay or high-alumina refractory coagulation on coke oven furnace doors, coal charging holes and gas risers(silicon carbide price). Using less shaped refractory materials on coke ovens, only accounting for about 2% of the coke oven bricks. Not only the construction is convenient, but the service life is 1 ~~ 3 times higher than the sticky brick(silicon carbide companies). It must be repaired many times before it can be used in one service.

The construction has developed from wet spraying to dry spraying with less water and high filling, and phosphate is used as a binder(white aluminum oxide). In silica spray coatings for coke ovens in the United States, natural silicate minerals with a manganese oxide content of 3 to 8% are usually added to increase the amount of liquid phase in the spray coating layer and be absorbed by the brick wall(arc fused alumina), improving the adhesion ability and use The effect is better, and the other parts are glued.

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