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After starting, the relay P is connected with its contacts and the electronic relay circuit(brown fused alumina price). The ring should be installed so that the reflected light falls exactly in the center of the hole of the photovoltaic element. The distance A traversed by the falling ball is recorded by the photoelectric element(steel shot abrasive). Amplified, there is a relay P connected to its output, and P1 where P is a double coil relay. The falling ball is located above the hole and is tensioned by the roller.

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When the ball falls to position I, the light emitted by the illuminator hits the ring, is reflected and falls on the photoelectric element, and the resulting photocurrent pulse is amplified by the amplifier(black aluminum oxide). The relay P is activated and blocked by its own contacts. In this way, although the photoelectric element immediately stopped the pulse and the relay P was de-energized, it was still blocked due to its own auxiliary coil(240 grit aluminum oxide). This piece of wire is not immersed in the melt.

The formula of Stokes' law includes the density values of liquid and falling ball materials(aluminum oxide blast media). After the instrument is prepared, the indicator can be calibrated in absolute units of viscosity. The radioactive viscosity meter designed by the author is an improvement on the aforementioned viscometer(corundum sand). The time when the ball passes through positions I and II is recorded by an electronic counting system, and there is an electric stopwatch at its output.

When the platinum ball reaches position II, the light strikes another photoelectric element, and the relay P operates as before(pink aluminum oxide). After the electronic relay is disconnected, the relay P returns to the original position, so that the distance A experienced by the platinum ball is completely and accurately recorded(1200 grit aluminum oxide). Turn on the circuit (illuminator and amplifier), the liquid wheel relaxes, and the platinum ball falls freely into the melt. The melt is contained in the crucible.

If the density of the falling ball material is known, any known method (such as the Volarovic method) can be used to determine the density of the melt(white fused alumina). The best way to make a viscometer is to calibrate the scale according to a standard liquid, and take into account the constants of the instrument(glass beads manufacturers). It includes the friction correction value of the wire, the weight of the small ring mirror, the influence of the cylindrical crucible wall and the bottom, etc.

The instrument uses a Y-radiation source, and the radioactive paint is directly coated on the free section of the hanging metal wire(white aluminum oxide). The bracket 1 is equipped with a freely rotatable roller, a soft metal wire is wound around the roller, and one end of the roller is bolted with a falling ball to be immersed in a melt (solution) of viscosity to be measured(garnet abrasive price). The relay P opens its own contact, opens the electronic relay circuit, and releases the latching device of the relay P.

The metal wire is coated with a drop (d = 1 mm) of paint made of paving or sodium salt(white corundum). The grating can eliminate the influence of radiation scattering on the recording accuracy of the falling ball position. The coating applied on the wire should match the distance traveled by the radiation source between the two detectors and the path traveled by the falling ball in the melt (solution or liquid) to be tested(glass bead abrasive). The contacts of the two relays are connected to the circuit of the electronic relay.

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