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The addition of a-Al2O3 seed provides a lower energy potential for heterogeneous nucleation and reduces the energy barrier required for nucleation(white corundum). Kao12 reported that the activation energy of a-al203 was 650kj / mol when 3mol% ~ 17.5mol% high purity (99.5%, mass fraction) ultrafine (particle size less than 0.1um) was added(white fused aluminium oxide). The dendrite like single crystal a-Al2O3 grains are surrounded by continuous channels.

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When 4wt.% a-Fe2O3 is added as the seed, the activation energy of Y → a phase transition is 578 ~ 476kj / mol(brown fused alumina price). Therefore, that is to say, the nucleation end temperature increases, adding a-Al2O3 (or a-Fe2O3) seed can reduce the phase transition temperature of E + A from above 1200 ℃ to about 930 ℃(brown fused alumina oxide). Mcardlel reported that a-Fe2O3 can reduce the phase transition temperature by 100 ℃ and complete the phase transition from - → a at 1100 ℃.(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit suppliers south korea)

When oberbach chose Fe2O3 as seed to prepare a-a12o3, it was found that there was a linear relationship between the amount of seed and the phase transition temperature of a-Al2O3(black aluminum oxide). Yul thought that adding too many seeds had little effect on the phase transformation of a-Al2O3, and even a small amount of Y and e phases appeared(white aluminum oxide blast media). The sintering temperature of pure alumina is very high, generally over 1700 ℃, even 1900 ℃, it is difficult to sinter.

(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit suppliers south korea)When a large number of seeds are added(pink aluminum oxide), the nucleation temperature range of a-Al2O3 becomes wider, which will make the nucleation amount of a-Al2O3 decrease greatly near the temperature point of a large number of nucleation, and 0-al2o3 grains are not easy to grow to the critical size of a-Al2O3 (DC ~ 22nm), thus reducing the formation of a-Al2O3 phase(buy brown fused alumina), leading to the existence of some transition phases y and 0.

The transformation from 0-al2o3 to a-Al2O3 is a reconstruction transformation(brown fused alumina manufacturer). The sintering process is accompanied by volume shrinkage (28.6 → 25.6cm3 / molal2o3), which is caused by their theoretical density difference (3.60 → 3.99g / cm3). The lower intrinsic nucleation density is attributed to the large voids caused by the nucleation stage and the formation of micron products, thus reducing the phase transition temperature(white aluminum oxide abrasive).(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit suppliers south korea)

In this way, if the structure needs to be densified in the process of erosion, the sintering temperature should be higher than 1600 ℃(white fused alumina). However, if the fine-grained a-Al2O3 is added at low temperature, the pores of the melt etched microstructure become smaller after the phase transformation, so the sintering temperature is reduced(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). The activation energy of 9 - → a transformation without any seeds is (700 ± 30) kJ / mol.

(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit suppliers south korea)Seongtae Kwon added 1.5wt% ultrafine a-Al2O3 (particle size 0.2-0.3um) to boehmite to solve the problem that the preparation of a-Al2O3 caused large porosity and difficult to control the size of the product after burning without adding seeds(white aluminum oxide). When the amount of seed was 10wt%, the phase transition temperature decreased from 1100 ℃ to 970 ℃. The temperature of the phase transition from 0-al2o3 to a-Al2O3 is above 1200 ℃ without adding seeds(corundum white).

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