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White Aluminum Oxide Powder Suppliers South Africa

It is unknown whether the current is strengthened to the required value by the sound energy(white aluminum oxide). When the voltage is reduced and the current is strengthened to a certain extent, although the energy is still supplied normally. There are various problems in the process, such as the trend of cold cotton in the electrolyzer(garnet abrasive price). Need to improve other styles to make it as easy as possible to view the state of quotient. The law.

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How high the current intensity needs to be strengthened(green carborundum), so when the voltage drops from 4V to 3.9V, the electric strength needs to be strengthened from 320kA to 334.5kA to maintain the energy supply of the electrolytic draft and maintain the energy balance of the electrolytic cell. Take the 320kA electrolytic fine of a certain factory as an example(glass beads supplier). There is still a difference between the actual production and the theory.(white aluminum oxide powder suppliers south africa)

The overall marginal control should be implemented to the details(white fused alumina), starting from the technical conditions and manpower to stabilize the operation of the electrolytic oil, the voltage reduction can be implemented. At this time, the technical conditions of the electrolysis cell will inevitably change(calcined alumina), and the upper filling of the lead level will cause the increase of heat density, and the electrolysis cell cannot maintain the energy level.

(white aluminum oxide powder suppliers south africa)The voltage drop process is not so simple to describe(silicon carbide price). The electrolyzer needs to enter a new flat bacteria. It is a pure energy supply balance calculation, without considering the influence of other influencing factors, such as heat loss. On the contrary, when the voltage drops, the current intensity remains unchanged. The newly designed troughs are basically open windows(black oxide aluminum). The heat dissipation capacity of the electrolyzer is very good. 

Not all troughs are suitable for low-voltage production. So the voltage drop space is small(white corundum). After determining the energy and voltage technical ideas, formulate long-term mechanical strategy goals. It is necessary to clarify the level of production, take the slow trend and steady progress as the guideline, and actually win the power reduction medical process(fused alumina). After about half a year, it is possible to find low-voltage operation.(white aluminum oxide powder suppliers south africa)

The voltage reduction is based on the initial target value, and the target voltage N can be reached within about three months by strengthening the current and technical conditions of the word device(pink corundum). This is a system engineering, and the technical conditions of each work area must reach one level before it can be carried out(silicon carbide companies). The speed is synchronized with each other, which facilitates the enhanced compensation of the current.

(white aluminum oxide powder suppliers south africa)At the same time, a plan should be made to reduce the voltage and strengthen the current(brown fused alumina price). In the three-month voltage drop cycle, from 4V to 39V, the first month from 4V to 36V. The current is enhanced from 320kA to 25kA, and in the second month from 3.95V to 592V, the current intensity is enhanced to 8kA(chrome alumina). The implementation of some new operating and management concepts can drive low-voltage production.

The furnace wing thickens(black corundum), the cathode aluminum mirror surface becomes smaller, the aluminum level rises significantly, the electrolyte level decreases, and the email quality heat increases. The best time to drop the voltage is considered to be within a period of time after the helper and the pole change, and the lead oxide concentration is in a state of excessive processing(arc fused alumina), and the voltage drop will not cause voltage passivity.(white aluminum oxide powder suppliers south africa)

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