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White Aluminum Oxide Rubbing Compound Belgium

For example, the structure of poly (vinyl chloride) (PE) with the same structure is more regular(pink aluminum oxide), with a knot, and the melting point is 240 ℃, while the structure of PE without the same structure is not regular, and the softening temperature is 80 ℃, and the structure of PP with the same or the same structure is more regular(carborundum powder), easy to crystallize, while the PP without the same structure is A rubber like elastomer.

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In general, most of the free radical polymerization polymers are random(white fused alumina). Only with special catalyst can the polymer with regular structure be prepared. Isotactic polymers are sometimes called isotactic polymers. Isotactic degree refers to the total percentage of isotactic and allosteric polymers in a low-cost polymer(silicon carbide price). We call the conformation of this randomly curled polymer chain random coil, they are called geometric isomers.

It can be curled into an ellipsoid or extended into a rod(white aluminum oxide). For small molecular substances, different spatial configurations often have different optical rotations. Its structural formula is as follows, while the home butadiene rubber prepared by using sail or alcohol marriage catalyst is mainly of trans configuration(black oxide aluminum). Of course, the bond angle between the keys will remain the same. This polymerization method is called directional encapsulation.

Although the polymer chain contains many asymmetric carbon atoms, due to the internal or external racemization, even the polymer with good spatial regularity does not have optical rotations(brown aluminium oxide). The diene vesicles formed by geometric isomerization have CIS configuration because the groups on the internal double bonds are arranged in different ways on both sides of the double bonds And trans configuration(green carborundum).

For example, cis-butadiene rubber with CIS configuration content more than 94% can be prepared by using the catalytic systems of dislocation, image and titanium(brown fused alumina price). Although they are all butadiene, their properties are different due to different structures(fused alumina). Due to its regular structure, easy to form and poor elasticity, tand it can be spun into fibers, he added polybutadiene with the same structure or structure can only be used as plastic.

From the local aspect of the molecular chain, it can be zigzag or spiral(black aluminum oxide), which can change with the change of conditions and environment. In most polymer chains, there are many single bonds, such as low-cost ethylene, propylene, polystyrene and so on. The main chain is completely composed of C-C single bonds(silicon carbide companies). Three quarters of the main chains of loam butadiene and polyisoprene are also single bonds.

When there is no other atom or fundamental force in the carbon chain, the internal rotation of C-C bond should be completely free, that is to say, there is no potential resistance effect in the process of rotation(arc fused alumina). The bond angle of C-C bond is 109 ° 28. If the first carbon hard bond in the polymer chain is fixed on the: axis, the second carbon carbon bond can have many positions as long as the bond angle remains unchanged(glass beads supplier).

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