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White Aluminum Oxide Rubbing Compound Indonesia

Satisfactory results can be obtained by using bjn-931 varnish(brown fused alumina price). It is the guarantee of reliable results when measuring the relative elongation to equip the test block with strain resistor correctly. For example, a good measurement result can be obtained by pressing the strain resistor into the test block to be inspected(green carborundum). Generally, the resistance piece is pasted on the surface of the test block which has been sanded and degreased in advance.

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The strain resistor with paper liner can be pasted with medium thermosetting adhesive, celluloid acetone adhesive and Bi type latent paint(white fused alumina). On the surface of the treated test block. The reverse side of the strain gauge is also coated with the same varnish. Then apply a second coat of varnish(black aluminum oxide). After drying the test block for 1 hour, stick the resistance piece to the surface of the test block (there is a thin layer of triacetate in the middle) and clamp it with a clamp.

A clamping force of about 0.3 meganewtons can ensure a good bonding quality during polymerization(silicon carbide companies). The compensating resistor is attached to the non working area of the block to be tested, usually in the direction perpendicular to the working resistor. The half bridge composed of working resistor and compensating resistor is connected to the measuring circuit with connecting wire(black oxide aluminum). The resistance piece based on phenolic resin film is best pasted with liquid phenolic resin.

In order to measure the moment of fracture of the test block with necessary accuracy (without which the dynamic relative elongation of the moment of fracture cannot be measured), it is necessary to have ultrasonic through the test block, so the test block is equipped with ultrasonic sensor(white aluminum oxide). The sensor shall be placed on the test block so that the propagation direction of ultrasonic vibration is perpendicular to the fracture plane of the test block(pink aluminum oxide).

The sensor is pasted with b-88 glue (if the sensor is pasted correctly, the signal value of the output end of the measuring circuit is about a few MA). The test block and clamp are heated to 80 ℃ for 1 hour, then heated to 120 ℃ for another hour(arc fused alumina). The continuous sinusoidal oscillation (frequency is 800 kHz) sent by rcc-6 standard signal generator 1 is sent to the sample to be tested by sensor 3 through amplifier 2 with cathode output device and received by the sensor(glass beads supplier).

The working strain resistance gauge and the compensating strain resistance gauge are connected at the input end of the standard strain measuring device, and the output end is connected with the vibrator (V-type) of the h-102 inertial oscilloscope(white corundum). The specimen is tested on a standard testing machine (such as 3nm-25 / 91 universal mechanical testing machine) until it breaks(silicon carbide price). Apply a thin layer of varnish and dry at 70 ℃ for 30-40 minutes.

Then, in order to compare the strain measurement results and the fracture moment of the test sample in the same time, the vibrator and should have the same amplitude frequency characteristics and frequency phase characteristics(fused alumina). According to the above characteristics, not only the moment when the sensor is disconnected, but also the inflection point on the oscillogram of the tensile sample can be analyzed and recorded(ta-5 strain gauge is used in the test(150 grit aluminum oxide)).

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