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White Aluminum Oxide Rubbing Compound Malaysia

The price is far lower than that of CBN and diamond, and white corundum wheel can be used as dressing equipment instead of expensive dressing equipment, which fills the gap between common corundum abrasive and CBN abrasive, reactants are mixed and reacted uniformly in liquid phase, so it is widely used abroad. The relatively successful synthesis process of ceramic corundum abrasives is sol-gel process.

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The synthesis of common corundum abrasives is that the raw materials are melted in high temperature in the electric arc furnace(brown fused alumina price), finely crushed and graded to obtain abrasives with different particle sizes. Ceramic corundum abrasive is a kind of abrasive with fine crystal size and dense microstructure(garnet abrasive price), which is synthesized by liquid-phase method or solid-phase method and sintered at low temperature and graded by granulation.

Sol-gel process is a controllable technology of molecular level(black aluminum oxide). The abrasives have high durability and long service life. The production and application of microcrystalline ceramic corundum abrasives is a typical low input and high-yield operation mode. With the increasing demand of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society(glass bead abrasive), the production and application of ceramic corundum abrasives will be expanded.

Liquid phase method, also known as wet chemical method, is one of the most widely used and most effective methods in the field of scientific research and industry(white fused alumina). The commonly used liquid phase chemical methods for ceramic corundum abrasives include sol-gel method, the raw material and water are mixed to make the suspension, and the corundum blocks are processed(steel shot abrasive), chemical coprecipitation method and hydrothermal method.

With this technology, ceramic materials with relatively high purity and uniform grain size can be produced(pink aluminum oxide). The common characteristic of the preparation of ceramic materials by the liquid phase method is to synthesize the precursor with high chemical homogeneity through various ways based on the uniform liquid phase(brown fused alumina for grinding), and to obtain ceramic materials with different microstructure by different heat treatment systems.

The basic principle of sol-gel method is(white aluminum oxide): using liquid chemical reagent (or dissolving powder solution in liquid phase solvent) or sol as raw material instead of using traditional powdery material, and the reaction product is a stable sol system. The replacement frequency is less, the auxiliary processing time and downtime are reduced(brown aluminum oxide blast media), which is conducive to the use of CNC automatic machine tools and the realization of automatic production.

The technology is introduced in the US patent US4314827: using Boehmite (A12O3H2O) as the raw material of aluminum(glass beads manufacturers), and then the gum solvent (such as HNO3, HCl or acetic acid solution) is added to make it become a stable hydrosol. For the first time, 3M company applied sol gel technology to corundum abrasive synthesis process(white aluminum oxide 120 grit). Direct synthesis is the direct synthesis of two or more reactants without intermediate reaction.

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