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White Aluminum Oxide Rubbing Compound Manufacturers

According to the characteristics of the kiln(fused alumina), one end expanding rotary kiln (sintering belt expanding, sintering belt decomposition belt expanding, preheating belt expanding), two ends expanding rotary kiln (sintering belt and preheating belt expanding) and middle expanding rotary kiln (decomposition belt expanding); in order to effectively use the waste heat(garnet suppliers), various raw material preheating devices or waste heat boilers can be set at the charging end of the kiln.

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According to the waste heat utilization device in the kiln(white fused alumina), it can be divided into rotary kiln with slurry evaporator, rotary kiln with slurry filter, rotary kiln with exhaust gas boiler, rotary kiln with needle preheater and rotary kiln with converter operator heater, etc. There is a certain limit to the block degree of raw materials of the man kiln(arc fused alumina). The crushed materials (< 30mm) can not be calcined in the shaft kiln, resulting in a waste of resources.

Through preheating device or directly into the rotary kiln, the material and the combustion gas in the kiln head exchange heat according to the counter current mode(white aluminum oxide). The main heat transfer of calcination belt is radiation, while that of preheating belt is convection and conduction(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Rotary kiln is a cylindrical thermal equipment which is installed at a certain slope and rotates at a low speed to continuously calcine refractory raw materials.

The material is dried, preheated, decomposed, calcined and cooled from the tail to the discharge end(white corundum). The combustion device is set at the kiln head, and the fuel is injected. The combustion flue gas is affected by the negative pressure caused by the smoke exhaust device (chimney or smoke extractor) and flows upward along the cylinder body(black oxide aluminum). It meets the material in the opposite direction for heat exchange and is discharged from the kiln tail.

The shell of rotary kiln is installed at a slope of 3% - 3.5%, and it rotates at a slow speed of 1-2r / min(brown fused alumina price). the material added from the end of kiln moves towards the discharge end of kiln head by rolling and sliding along the kiln body, and finally is discharged from the discharge end(steel grid). The distribution and length of each zone in the kiln vary with the properties of the added materials and the physicochemical changes in the heating process.

The temperature of flue gas discharged from the kiln tail is relatively high, generally up to 900 ~ 1100 ℃(silicon carbide price). Especially for the shaft kiln with heavy oil and gas as fuel, the flame sent by the surrounding burners is difficult to reach the center of the material column in the kiln, resulting in the underfiring of the central material(glass beads supplier). Moreover, the rotary kiln can be divided into straight simple rotary kiln, the production capacity of the shaft kiln is also small, and the working conditions are poor.

Some clinker temperature out of the kiln is as high as 1000 ~ 1300 ℃(green carborundum). A clinker cooling device is arranged at the discharging end of the kiln to recover the residual heat. When the clinker is cooled below 250 ℃, the next process is started(synthetic corundum price). Rotary kiln is mainly composed of cylinder, roll ring, supporting device, transmission device, kiln head cover, sealing device, dust collection chamber, combustion device and hot smoke chamber.

The cylinder of rotary kiln is made of steel plate, which has developed from riveting to welding(silicon carbide companies). The inner lining of the cylinder is made of refractory materials. The inner diameter of the protective cylinder and the reducing inner diameter are small, the output of the kiln is low, the inner diameter is too large, and the material column in the kiln is easy to move down unevenly(garnet abrasive), which affects the uniform distribution of air flow and the quality of clinker in the cross section of the shaft kiln.

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