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White Aluminum Oxide Rubbing Compound South Africa

Spray repair technology mainly includes refractory spray paint, spraying machine and operation technology, which is a comprehensive technology(white corundum). Production experience at home and abroad proves that the improvement of the oxygen converter's age depends mainly on the basic conditions such as the quality of the converter(arc fused alumina), the comprehensive lining, the slagging system, and the operation and management level.

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Kou, the United States, the Soviet Union and other countries have already widely used spray repair technology to repair the oxygen converter lining(brown fused alumina price). The first two methods are more used, and the latter method has no damage to the lining of the furnace, and has more development prospects(glass beads manufacturers). The latter three materials are widely used. Spray repair methods can be divided into two methods: wet method, method and flame method.

Under normal circumstances(white fused alumina), oxygen converters in some Western European countries have so far promoted spray repair technology, and the consumption of refractory spray paint is only about 0.1 kg / ton of steel. Oxygen converter lining repairing is generally carried out at a lining temperature of 1100 ~ 1400 ℃(fused alumina), one is to preventive spraying from the beginning of the furnace; emergency spray repair shall be carried out.

Spray repair is only an important auxiliary measure(black aluminum oxide). The refractory spray paint for converters is composed of alkaline refractory materials, chemical bonding agents and plasticizers, the fine powder is the key, and sometimes admixtures such as heating agents are added to improve the adhesion and sinterability(garnet abrasive price). Alkaline refractory materials mainly include magnesium inscription, magnesium, dolomite and magnesium dolomite, etc.

For this reason, the coarse and fine particles should be fully adjusted, it is best to ultra-fine grinding(pink aluminum oxide). The particle size composition is generally controlled as follows: less than 30% of 3 ~ 1 mm, less than 30% of 1 ~ 0.2 mm, about 15% of 0.2 ~ 0.044 mm, and about 25% of less than 0.044 mm(glass bead abrasive). Modified phenolic resin, carboxymethyl cellulose, carboxyvinyl and sodium acrylate can also be used as binders for refractory coatings.

Chemical bonding agents mainly include sodium silicate(white aluminum oxide), phosphate, chromate, sulfate and various magnesium salts, the most commonly used are the first two, and phosphate spray paints have the best effect. British oxygen converter with refractory spray coating for example as follows: magnesia 50%, chrome ore sand 44.4%, bentonite 1.3%(steel shot abrasive), converter ash 1.0%, sodium polyphosphate 3.2%, plus water 20-30%.

The particle size composition of the spray coating is very important, which directly affects its adhesion rate or rebound loss(silicon carbide price), especially the density, porosity and organizational structure of the spray repair layer.Spraying is carried out at different temperatures. The adhesion strength of phosphate refractory spray paint is better than that of sodium silicate spray paint, there are two options: that is(brown fused alumina oxide), it is firmly bonded to the furnace lining.

The refractory spray paint for the oxygen converter of the mouth mainly uses magnesium dolomite or magnesia as the raw material, and uses polyphosphate materials as the binding agent(green carborundum), the other is the appearance of the lining After obvious erosion, while adding 3 ~ 5% of slaked lime in order to form high melting point substances such as calcium phosphate and improve spray The high temperature performance of the interlayer(white fused aluminium oxide).

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