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White Aluminum Oxide Rubbing Compound Suppliers China

The addition amount is 0.1% ~ 1.0% of the abrasive mass, and the general firing temperature is 600 ~ 1200 ℃(silicon carbide companies). It is reported that when corundum abrasive is treated with 0.5% ferrous sulfate and fired at 800 ℃, the grinding efficiency of the abrasive cloth is 4-6 times higher than that of the untreated one(white fused aluminum oxide). Its general structural formula is: with the growth of the main chain, the molecular weight increases, and the viscosity of the complex increases.

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The surface treatment methods mainly include: metal salt treatment, resin treatment, silane treatment, ceramic liquid silane treatment and alkali corrosion treatment(green carborundum). In order to improve the bonding ability of abrasive and binder, heat and acid alkali resistance, a layer of thermosetting resin is added on the surface of abrasive, and a certain amount of refractory metal oxides(brown fused aluminium oxide), such as iron oxide, titanium oxide, oxidation storage, etc., are added.

Because there is a layer of resin on the surface of abrasive particles, the adhesive ability between abrasive and binder is enhanced, so the service life of the coated road tool is increased(silicon carbide price). When the molecular weight is low, it is generally oil-like liquid, commonly known as "silicone oil"; when the molecular weight is high, it is a very viscous semi-solid, commonly known as "silicone grease"(white fused alumina price). After combustion, the resin coating is cured.

It is an organic high molecular compound with siloxane as the chain(white fused alumina). The mechanism of viscosity increasing is that the Si-O chain on the main chain of Si complex molecule is similar to the Si-C and Al-O chains in the material, so there is a great affinity. When silane exists between abrasive and resin binder, it forms a kind of transition layer(brown fused alumina manufacturer), which increases the adhesion between inorganic (abrasive) and organic (binder), so it is called "tackifier".

Slow liquid Abrasives have high heat resistance and acid-base resistance(white aluminum oxide). In practical use, silane with different organic groups should be selected according to different resin binders to achieve good tackifying effect. At present, ceramic slurry, such as F30 corundum abrasive, is prepared with the following formula: Feldspar 60%, limestone 10%, clay 30%(white fused aluminium oxide). The treatment method is to mix the corundum abrasive into the slurry, dry it and bake it at 1200 ℃.

Exxon company in the United States uses porous ceramics to synthesize on the surface of abrasive grains(white corundum). On the other hand, there are many branches on the silica chain, which are organic groups, and they have a greater affinity with the resin. The silane used to treat abrasives is a medium molecular weight flowing liquid, known as "tackifier" in China, which is used to treat glass fiber(brown fused alumina oxide). Silane is a general term of organosiloxane series.

The former Soviet Union used the method of coating ceramic liquid and silane twice, that is, coating ceramic first, then silane, so as to further improve the performance of abrasive tools(brown fused aluminum oxide). The hydroxyl group of the coated abrasive particles is alkaline, while the hydroxymethyl group of the phenolic resin is acidic(white aluminum oxide blast media). As long as it is at 180 ℃, it can promote a real chemical reaction, lead to active bonding, and greatly improve the bonding ability.

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