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White Aluminum Oxide Sand Manufacturers USA

Iron-making blast furnaces are mainly developed in the direction of large scale(white fused alumina). At present, there are 21 blast furnaces with a customer volume of more than 4000 meters in the world. The heating furnace is the main thermal equipment in the rolling or forging workshop(aluminum oxide abrasive). The top temperature of this kind of hot air furnace is 1500 ~ 1560 ℃, and the average temperature of hot air is about 1200C.

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Among them, Japan has 15 large-scale blast furnaces(black aluminum oxide). The top pressure of the modern blast furnace is 2 ~ 3 kg / cm, the hot air temperature can reach 1200 ~ 1300 ° C, the supply air pressure is 3 ~ 4 kg / cm, and the technical measures such as oxygen-enriched blast and fuel injection are adopted(emery abrasive). The iron output of the blast furnace has been increased, and the cost has also been reduced.

In thirty years, the maximum volume of the current blast furnace has increased from about 1,000 meters to more than 5,000 meters(white aluminum oxide), and the supply temperature of the hot blast furnace has been increased from nearly 430 ° increased to more than 1200 ° C. The walking beam heating furnace was put into industrial production around 1960(aluminum oxide grit), and its technical key is the walking beam and fixed beam composed of water-cooled pipes.

The structure of the blast furnace hot air furnace is developed from the internal combustion type to the external combustion type or the top combustion type(pink aluminum oxide). At present, the most commonly used is the external combustion type hot air furnace, that is, the regenerator and the combustion chamber are separated and set in two In the cylinder, flexible temperature adjustment, the two are connected by a bridge channel(60 grit aluminum oxide).

In this case, the upper part of the lattice brick and its wall and dome, etc.(white corundum), work under high temperature conditions for a long time, so refractory bricks with high temperature creep characteristics and volume stability should be selected. The structure of the furnace body of modern heating furnaces has changed greatly compared with the past(synthetic corundum), and its main features are large-scale and automation.

For example, in the past, end-burner continuous heating furnaces were generally used to wind the steel, and the furnace length was 20 to 85 meters(silicon carbide abrasive); in short, walking beam or step bottom heating furnaces are now commonly used, with a length of 25 to 40 meters, up to 50 Dom. The burner is arranged on the side wall or the roof of the furnace(150 grit aluminum oxide), and the burner can be arranged in two places at the same time. 

It should be pointed out that the production and development of the walking beam heating furnace and the furnace top flat flame burner heating furnace are inseparable from the successful application of refractory plastics and refractory castables on the heating furnace(green silicon carbide), and the supply pressure has been increased from about 0.8 kg / cm to 3 kg / Cm or more. The maximum furnace capacity is 5070 meters(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media).

This furnace has the best heating quality, easy operation, good use of heat energy, and high production efficiency(brown fused alumina price). The furnace with a flat flame burner on the top of the furnace was born in the early 1970s. Its holding point is that the top of the furnace is flat, and dozens of burners are installed(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). When refractory plastic or refractory castable is used to wrap the water-cooled pipe, the above two problems are solved.

The life of the beam should be extended, and the heat taken away by the cooling water must be reduced as much as possible(black silicon carbide). Otherwise, the productivity and thermal efficiency of Jeozi are too low and have no vitality. With the development of industry, great changes have taken place in metallurgical kilns, the operating conditions are more inferior(fused aluminium oxide), and the requirements for refractory materials are becoming higher and higher.

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