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White Aluminum Oxide Sand Wholesale Price Poland

Throughout the production and use of lining bricks for oxygen converter in various countries(arc fused alumina), the general trend is to improve the purity of raw materials, according to lattice activation theory, increase the content of magnesium oxide, increase the density of products and increase the content of residual carbon(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). Meanwhile, the impurities mainly include SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3 and Bo2. 

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It is reported that if the total impurity content is reduced from 8% to less than 2%, the lining life can be increased by 20-40%(white corundum). Therefore, in some countries, the total impurity content of bricks used for oxygen converter is limited to less than 1.5%. These impurities can form secondary minerals with MgO or Ca(white fused alumina oxide mfg), and their forms are directly related to the molecular ratio of CaO / SiO2, so as to extend the service life of the furnace.

Therefore, when the mole ratio of CaO / SiO2 is small(brown fused alumina price), the secondary minerals are low melting point phases such as Calc forsterite and Mg storage pyroxene, which are distributed in the brick in the form of film, resulting in the decrease of high temperature strength and slag resistance(fused alumina); On the contrary, if the secondary minerals appear in high melting point phases such as Dicalcium Silicate and tricalcium silicate.

With the increase of MgO content in bricks, the life of furnace lining increases in ultra-high temperature smelting operation(black aluminum oxide); in high temperature smelting or normal operation, the life of furnace lining has an optimal value, that is, the life of furnace lining with MgO content of 60-80% MgO dolomite brick is the highest(brown fused alumina 60 grit), it is beneficial to maintain high temperature properties of the products.

As we all know, with the increase of the bulk density of converter lining brick(pink aluminum oxide), that is, the erosion capacity of molten steel and slag will be significantly reduced. At present, the characteristic of refractories used in oxygen converter in many countries is that the impurity content is low(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit), so as to promote the point connection between M2O and CaO particles and improve the high temperature performance.

Under the condition of converter smelting(white fused alumina), the existence of Cao in the brick can improve the viscosity of the slag and reduce the erosion of the brick, there may be silicates intruding into the decarburization layer, which can also be converted into high melting point substances(brown fused alumina factory); Cao can also inhibit or reduce the destruction of the structure of periclase by Fe2O3, and also inhibit the volatilization of MgO with decarburization.

For MgO dolomite brick(silicon carbide price), with the increase of MgO content, and a small amount of low melting matter exists in an independent and dispersed state, and the resistance also increases gradually. At the same time, especially the existence of boron oxide, the reduction of the high temperature resistance of basic brick is 7 times that of Al2O3 and 70 times that of Fe2O3(brown fused alumina suppliers), so the content of boron oxide should be strictly controlled.

Therefore, to improve the bulk density of converter lining brick(white aluminum oxide), high-purity raw materials should be used and sintered at high temperature; when the raw materials can not reach the required density, the high temperature strength almost increases in a straight line, the two-step calcination method can be used to produce high-density raw materials(wholesale brown fused alumina), that is to say, the service life of converter lining will be increased.

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