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White Aluminum Oxide Sand Wholesale Suppliers France

The refractory lining shall have the following characteristics(silicon carbide companies): strong resistance to erosion and erosion of molten iron and slag; good thermal shock stability, small rewinding volume change; strong anti-oxidation ability; easy to construct, non stick submerged iron, easy to repair and remove; large tapping amount(silicon carbide abrasive powder), no harmful gas, conducive to environmental protection.

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The large blocks of carbon brick are divided into two types(brown fused aluminum oxide): bottom brick and wall brick. In order to prevent the oxidation of carbon brick, the amorphous refractory material must be used as the guarantee layer after the completion of the cast ditch with carbon brick(alumina polishing powder). For example, the blast furnace trench of Bethlehem iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is constructed with carbon brick and protected by fire-resistant coating material.

The mix proportion is as follows: 80 kg of crushed coke less than 3.18 mm, 185kg of fire-resistant tripod soil(black aluminum oxide), 135 kg of coal tar pitch with a softening point of 163 ℃ and 26 kg of water. High grade refractories have been used in the tap hole of large and medium-sized blast furnaces in the United States(green carborundum), but the most commonly used structure is carbon brick lining with protective layer, which is very successful.

When the quick hard mud is used as the lining of the blast furnace tap hole, the effect is good(pink aluminum oxide). The service life of this kind of protective layer is about one month. There are still residual linings, but they need to be repaired. Another information shows that the mixing ratio of the protective layer for the carbon brick lining of the 1500~3000 blast furnace is 10%(arc fused alumina): natural stone, 48% silicon carbide, 30% refractory clay and 12% foam resin.

On this basis, in the 1033 meter blast furnace tap hole of petrovsk plant in the Soviet Union, the unburned refractory material is used as lining(silicon carbide price). The mix ratio is 25% of refractory clay, 25% of walnut coke, 40% of waste periclase, 10% of leach. First, the unburned bricks are made of the above proportioned materials and laid on the non working layer of the iron ditch(aluminium oxide polishing powder); then, the working layer of the iron ditch is rammed by the section.

The binders are asphalt and clay, and the matrix material is carbon material(white fused alumina). That is to say, the service life of the latter kind of refractory ramming material lining was high, and the removal was more convenient. The service life of the lining can reach 40 column night, but the working layer should be repaired every 2-3 days(fused alumina). The thickness of the protective layer is 70-100 mm, and the iron can be tapped after baking with coal C for 2-4 hours.

Recently, Magnitogorsk iron and steel company has tried three kinds of refractory ramming materials on the blast furnace tap hole(white aluminum oxide). There are many large blast furnaces, high temperature and high pressure operation, high temperature, fast flow rate, frequent times, long time, and large quantity at the same time(low density white alumina). The material is packed in plastic bags, single weight is 25kg, and it is prepared on site with about 7% water.

Three kinds of refractory ramming materials were prepared from the surface of 10 blast furnace main iron trenches, which were respectively mixed with crushed coke less than 3 mm(white corundum), silicon carbide waste and fused alumina waste and crushed coke (the ratio is 3:1). The average annual life of the ramming materials was 4.20, 8.15 and 10.37 sample nights respectively(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). In addition, it is suitable for pulp waste liquid, so it is easy to use.

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