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Light metals provide the basis for correct adjustment of technical conditions, and can also accumulate data for improving the fabrication and installation of electrolytic cells(white corundum 12 grit suppliers). In addition, when the measurement effect occurs, or when the voltage to ground is abnormal, or when the current drops, the measurement is suspended. 

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After measuring the completion or termination of full forging, return the tools to the original place: block the hole with crusts, and clean the edge plate(aluminium oxide blast media). For the processing of general measured data, the measured value shall be added with the correction coefficient of the corresponding flexible bus, and the average value shall be calculated after the measured value is compensated(white corundum 12 grit suppliers). 

Therefore(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit), they are generally measured when required above(white corundum 12 grit suppliers). Confirm the slot number, prepare and check the measuring tools (digital voltmeter, 2 5m compensation wires, 2 measuring rods, aluminum target, multifunctional crown block, handle, iron hunger, carbon slag ladle and record book). Two measurements were performed at each measurement point(180 grit aluminum oxide). Do not use the same measuring rod continuously.

The measuring hole of the electrolytic cell shall be blocked with a crusted block(100 grit aluminum oxide), the edge of the cell shall be cleaned, the fine cover plate shall be covered, the exhaust air volume conversion valve shall be operated to reset, and the tools shall be returned to the designated place(white corundum 12 grit suppliers). Submit the measurement records to relevant personnel and input them into the computer system according to the procedures. 

Therefore(black aluminum oxide blast media), it shall be measured when necessary(white corundum 12 grit suppliers). The situations where the measurement must be suspended include the effect of the measurement phase, the abnormal voltage to the ground, the current drop, and the operation on the operation surface of the measurement plant(garnet sand). Submit the measurement records to relevant personnel and input them into the computer system according to the procedures. 

When there is a difference of ± 50mV between this measured value and the previous measured value(brown fused alumina grit), or the difference between the two measured values in this measurement process is more than 5%, it shall be measured again(white corundum 12 grit suppliers). This measurement not only provides data for the analysis of cathode working conditions, but also improves the data of screw accumulation in electrolytic phase masonry and installation(steel grid).

Insert the positive rod into point a at the crimping joint between the phase pole steel rod and the flexible strip bus(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), touch the negative rod to point B at the welding joint between the cathode bus and the flexible strip bus, and read and record the voltmeter pointer in qlmv from zero(white corundum 12 grit suppliers). Confirm the measured heat number and check the measuring tools (2 measuring rods, voltmeter, wire and record book). 

Cover the aluminum outlet special groove cover plate(brown fused alumina): Operate the exhaust air volume conversion valve to reset: Clean the site for sanitation. If it cannot be measured due to the new pole, the position of the measuring point can be changed(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Calculate the average of the two measured values during this measurement(white corundum 12 grit suppliers). Therefore, each tank should be tested at regular intervals (such as every 4 days). Kind of homework.

Connect the money guide to the terminal of the voltmeter in the screen magnet box(white corundum 12 grit suppliers). In short, the wires are connected to the negative terminal and 50mV terminal of the voltmeter(glass bead abrasive). Confirm the measured slot number, prepare and check the measuring tools (infrared thermometer and record book). Hold an infrared thermometer and measure the distance 1m from the cathode saw rod head on the style board(white aluminum oxide grit). 

The purpose of this measurement is to preliminarily understand the working condition of the bright electrode and provide data for the conductivity(black aluminum oxide). Therefore, the measurement shall be carried out when necessary. The purpose of taking electrolyte samples is to analyze the molecular ratio, oxidation concentration, calcium chloride concentration, etc(white corundum 12 grit suppliers). in the electrolyte, so as to maintain the proper electrolyte composition.

Take a sample of primary aluminum and use it as data for investigating the purity of the electrolysis machine, furnace operation management, and body manufacturing ingredients(aluminum oxide blast media canada). For taking the original aluminum sample, prepare the original aluminum sample spoon, the original aluminum sample mold, the original wrong sample box, the font and the hand hammer(white corundum 12 grit suppliers). If the sample is not good, take another sample.

expose the electrolyte surface(pink corundum). Tool preparation and warm-up. Select measurement points: measure three points for the steel plate corresponding to each group of cathodes, that is, the end of the A surface is s0em from the B surface, and the end of the B surface is 50cm from the A surface, which corresponds to the longitudinal centerline(pink alumina). After taking all the samples, send the samples to the inspection room(white corundum 12 grit suppliers). 

Take 1℃ as the unit to read and record(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). Circumstances where the measurement must be terminated include: when the measuring device is changing poles: when the power is cut, when the power is restricted: when the measured measure has an effect(46 grit aluminum oxide). The fixed point is 2xm inward from the joint of the cathode steel bar and the flexible busbar(white corundum 12 grit suppliers). The measuring point must be free of debris and thick oxides. 

Place the sample scoop and the mold on the edge of the aluminum sliding side groove, or use hot oxidation to slightly heat (to prevent explosion). Return the tool to the designated position(aluminium oxide suppliers south africa). After all the measurements are completed, return the measuring tools to the original place(white corundum 12 grit suppliers). Submit the measurement record to the relevant personnel and enter it into the computer system according to the regulations. 

Before the sample (electrolyte or aluminum liquid) solidifies, slowly pour the taken out sample into the rotating mold, place the coagulation factor, the original wrong sample, and after confirming its solidification, make a groove on the blood with a hammer and the font No(white fused aluminium oxide). After cooling and confirming the sampling slot number, put the sample into the sample box(white corundum 12 grit suppliers). If any, it must be removed before measuring(aluminium oxide blasting grit).

At present, the operation of taking the original sample should be carried out every certain time (such as 2 days after mailing) in each grid(silicon carbide powder). Open the wisdom hole, operate the exhaust air volume conversion valve to open the door (increase the exhaust air volume of the electrolysis plant), and open the wisdom end furnace door, manually operate the aluminum tapping device to blow the aluminum tap hole(white corundum 12 grit suppliers). 

Make sure that there is no dust, carbon particles, alumina and other impurities in the sample, and there is no error in the electrolyte sample(aluminum oxide suppliers usa). After the inspection is completed, take the national inspection report and send it to the relevant personnel(240 grit aluminum oxide). As people expect, more electrolysis parameters can be tested quickly and online(white corundum 12 grit suppliers). Sensors and related sensing technologies cannot meet this need. 

Place the pouring port of the casting mold upwards at the end near the sampling hole(silicon carbide grit). When taking the electrolyte sample, use the electrolyte sample spoon to take out the electrolyte solution from the outlet hole(60 grit aluminum oxide). When taking the primary aluminum sample, use the sample spoon to take out the sample from the aluminum outlet hole, and shake it in the spoon to make the electrolyte and aluminum Water separation(white corundum 12 grit suppliers).

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