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According to the situation of not listed enterprises or precision life(white corundum), the sources of internal materials used by long-life electrolytic comb enterprises can be investigated, and the same amount of materials can be misloaned as far as possible. There are two main points in the thermal design of electrolytic plant lining(alumina blasting). At the same time, the "zero number" management should be carried out to reduce the damage to the furnace inductance.

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Repeated current changes will make the cathode inner material shrink and increase the probability of cathode carbon block fracture(black aluminum oxide). One is that the electrolyte coagulation isotherm is formed under the polar group exchange, and the 800 ℃ isotherm should be in the anti-interference layer above the insulation brick layer(garnet abrasive). Therefore, the separation of electrolytic cell must be selected in strict accordance with the working procedure standards.(white corundum 180 mesh manufacturers canada)

The key laying procedures are from the leveling and spreading of refractory materials, insulation, strict swing and rescue(white aluminum oxide), compactness and compression ratio of anti-corrosion materials, and the accuracy of cathode carbon replacement. Secondly, the formation of the scattered junction frame and the formation of a small number of existing mirrors in the furnace are made for protection(aluminum oxide abrasive). Unqualified products shall not be used for internal materials.

(white corundum 180 mesh manufacturers canada)It is the guarantee of the stable operation of the tough period to do a good job of the liquid management of the production in the abnormal period(pink aluminum oxide), establish a good shape of the electrolytic seminal pus, and adjust the technical conditions to the normal production mode smoothly(aluminium oxide powder). The second start-up can make the sulfur paste in the cathode, accelerate the deformation of the refined shell, and shorten the service life of the electrolytic sugar.

In normal production(white fused alumina), the key to prolong the life of the cell is to keep a good heat balance, avoid the formation of hazard and the occurrence of disease phase, improve the quality of operation, and keep the stable operation of electrolytic cell for a long time. In the production of reverse electrolysis, the electrolytic cotton is not always in normal operation state, when the technological conditions of steel are out of the normal range(garnet suppliers). No blackout is allowed.(white corundum 180 mesh manufacturers canada)

The start-up of sintering is the guarantee of the service life of the electrolytic concentrate, and the normal production management is the guarantee of the economic indicators(green silicon carbide). The serial telephone inquiry must be supplied stably, and can not arbitrarily frame the load or increase the current(white fused alumina powder). The practice shows that all the signs of the specialization of the brush electrode system are within months after a long period of negative charge.

(white corundum 180 mesh manufacturers canada)Therefore, the supply of series current is unstable(brown fused alumina price), voltage load or enhanced electricity will cause damage to the electrolytic fine protection unit. Due to the special shortage of power, it is forced to stop the trace and select the line. The key control indexes are preheating temperature of bright pole, net degree of sewing after binding, temperature of Li Guo mould and pressure of tie in, etc.(brown fused alumina powder), especially the quality of binding should be strictly checked.

The quality of cathode inner material surface is not good, which often leads to early sulfur paste(black silicon carbide). The practice shows that as long as mending in time, proper self-management and maintenance, and safety monitoring in place, Mugui electrolyzer can have a long service life and manage high economic sugar standard. The alkaline damage was caused to the heat level and material level(aluminum oxide grit), the abnormal operation of the electrolytic cell was observed, and the economic index of each filling decreased.(white corundum 180 mesh manufacturers canada)

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