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White Corundum 180 Mesh Wholesale Suppliers Germany

The temperature of the metal where the easy-to-cut riser is at the feeding hole is the highest, which is prone to looseness, so be careful when using it(white corundum). When using non-riser casting, the pouring temperature should be reduced as much as possible. The lower the pouring temperature, the lower the average temperature of molten steel in the cavity, and the shrinkage of the liquid lower body can be reduced(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). It appears in the form of a loose axis.

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Some medium and small high-manganese steel parts with uniform wall thickness can be used without riser casting process(brown fused alumina price), which can save riser metal, and more importantly, simplify the casting process, especially reducing the process of cutting the riser. There are many types of easy-to-cut risers, which can be top appetite and feed from the top; they can also be made into side risers(silicon carbide companies). The body shrinkage of high manganese steel is very large.(white corundum 180 mesh wholesale suppliers germany)

However, the riserless casting process can also be used(black aluminum oxide). When the process is controlled properly, the body shrinkage of the casting with uniform wall thickness can avoid shrinkage. When the wall thickness is reduced to a certain extent, no matter whether it reaches the loose zone or not, the vulnerable parts need to be replaced(glass beads supplier). Therefore, even if the axis is loose, it will not affect the use of the casting. Generally, the method of adding risers is used for feeding.

(white corundum 180 mesh wholesale suppliers germany)It is difficult to exhaust the cavity when casting without riser, and the exhaust measures should be strengthened in the casting process(white fused alumina). Chilled iron can locally increase the cooling capacity of the casting mold and control the solidification rate of the casting. According to the method of use, cold iron can be divided into internal cold iron and external cold iron(arc fused alumina), and external cold iron is divided into direct cold iron and indirect cold iron.

In order to gradually transition the chilling capacity of the chilled iron, generally the outer chilled iron uses a 45° bevel(pink aluminum oxide). The outer chilled iron is placed at a distance of 20-25mm, and the vertical and horizontal gaps should be staggered to avoid the formation of regular cooling weak surfaces that may cause cracks in the casting between the chilled irons(white aluminum oxide powder). For example, the easy-cut piece with a small dark riser with a diameter of 100mm can be heated to 1460°C in 2.5 minutes.

The conditions for using a riser-free casting process are that first, the section of the casting must be uniform and no hot joints, such as rod-shaped parts, plate-shaped parts, etc.(white aluminum oxide); secondly, the casting process must be controlled properly to make the castings solidify at the same time. The gating system should be set up so that the metal is dispersed and introduced into the cavity(black oxide aluminum), so that the metal introduction part will not become a hot spot.(white corundum 180 mesh wholesale suppliers germany)

Prevent or reduce segregation; prevent cracks(silicon carbide price). For thick and large castings, the principle of sequential solidification is adopted, and the spacer riser is used as much as possible, and the inner gate enters the riser tangentially to increase the temperature of the riser molten steel and increase the feeding efficiency of the riser. However, it should be avoided due to large temperature differences(silicon carbide 180 grit). The large internal stress causes deformation and cracks in the casting.

(white corundum 180 mesh wholesale suppliers germany)The external cold iron must be covered with sand(green carborundum). Due to the small thickness of the easy-to-cut piece, it will soon be heated to the temperature of the molten steel by the molten steel poured into the mold. Because the refractory material absorbs part of the heat and affects the feeding effect of the metal in the riser(fused alumina), the size of the easy-to-cut riser is slightly larger than that of the ordinary riser under the same conditions (can be increased by 10%~15%).

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