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White Corundum 200 Mesh Manufacturers United States

After cutting in the as cast state and heating in the furnace to L050 ℃, cracks can also be found at the notch(white fused alumina). When cutting the riser of casting, it can be immersed in water, and the riser part is exposed to prevent the casting body from heating up. When cutting as cast high manganese steel castings, the hot cutting method can be used(buy brown fused alumina). The casting box is opened in the red hot state, and the mesh mouth is heated at 500 ~ 700 ℃.

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At present, this method is suitable for heat-treated castings(green silicon carbide). After cutting and air cooling, it was observed that there was no crack center on the surface of the cut, but after heat treatment, there were still net cracks on the surface of the cut. Therefore, oxygen acetylene flame is generally used for hot cutting(white fused alumina suppliers). The thickness of the cutting surface should be polished off by grinding wheel with a thickness of 4-5mm, so as to prevent the residual cracks.(white corundum 200 mesh manufacturers united states)

As a result, the eutectic weak zone between grains is cracked under stress, so the chemical composition of the steel has a significant influence on the formation of cracks during cutting(white aluminum oxide). The following points should be paid attention to in the cutting of pouring riser and defect welding repair of high manganese steel castings, so as to reduce the occurrence of casting cracks and ensure the quality of castings(black silicon carbide). For large-scale high manganese steel castings, water immersion casting is often used.

(white corundum 200 mesh manufacturers united states)Because of the low pouring temperature and poor thermal conductivity of high manganese steel, it is not easy to fully fuse when using the internal cold iron of high manganese steel(brown fused alumina price). The melting point of carbon steel is much higher than that of high manganese steel. When it is cooled to below 950 ℃ after cutting, it should be cooled as soon as possible(emery abrasive). The surface layer with a large amount of martensite structure can be removed by grinding.

After cutting, a layer of cutting surface (thickness less than 5mm) shall be polished by grinding wheel before heat treatment(black corundum). This is very difficult in production, and it is also difficult to process when the size of casting chill is not suitable. Thermal cutting during heat treatment(synthetic corundum). This method is to heat the casting to 500 ~ 700 ℃ for thermal cutting, after cutting, grinding the cutting surface, and then immediately into the furnace to continue heating. (white corundum 200 mesh manufacturers united states)

On the one hand, it is due to the effect of thermal stress during heating and water quenching in the process of heat treatment(pink corundum); it is due to the serious decarburization of the notch surface at high temperature, the manganese content is also reduced, and a large amount of martensite is formed after water quenching, which makes the properties of steel become brittle and crack propagation under the action of stress(aluminum oxide abrasive). It is difficult to cut as cast because of the inhomogeneous structure and properties.

(white corundum 200 mesh manufacturers united states)If slow cooling and fast cooling can be achieved after cutting, the cutting quality can be greatly improved(silicon carbide abrasive). For the casting which can not be immersed in water for cutting, on the other hand, the water should be used to cool the cut parts in time(aluminum oxide grit). The surface cut by oxy acetylene flame should be further ground to 3 ~ 5mm to eliminate the micro cracks in the cutting process and the metal layer with poor microstructure and properties in the heat affected zone.

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