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White Corundum 200 Mesh Wholesale Suppliers Germany

Generally, the rigidity of mechanical equipment(white corundum), the power of milling machine and the grinding equipment of cutting edge should be considered when selecting milling cutter materials. Using steel tool with drill off speed can achieve good results at low cutting speed and higher feed rate than normal(green silicon carbide). High alkali M2 has high zinc permeability and good wear resistance, so it is widely used.

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When using carbide iron knife, special attention should be paid to the rigidity of the equipment(white aluminum oxide). At present, there are many kinds of knives suitable for specific purposes and various workpiece materials. First of all, the design of dumpling knives should be considered(black silicon carbide). After the design drawings are determined, the selection of tool materials can be considered, and it has two carbon grades.(white corundum 200 mesh wholesale suppliers germany)

The grinding cost of high-speed steel is higher than that of standard high-speed steel(white fused alumina). In this way, the cutting teeth of the hob move around the periphery of the tool in a spiral or threaded way, which is the main feature to distinguish hobs from milling cutters. In general, carbide tools can be used at 3-6 times the allowable cutting speed of high-speed steel tools(aluminum oxide abrasive). Nickel and drill based superalloy are very difficult to machine.

(white corundum 200 mesh wholesale suppliers germany)Both the hob and the workpiece are rotating and meshing in a specific synchronous relationship(brown fused alumina price). Most hobs are made of high speed steel, although special purpose hobs have been made of sintered tungsten carbide, cast drill chromium tungsten alloys, and even some low alloy tool steels(brown fused alumina manufacturer). Among all types of high speed steel, M2 type is the most widely used. Hardness hb440 ~ 475 is the upper limit of hob machining.

M2 high speed steel has excellent edge strength and wear resistance properties(black corundum). M3 and M4 high speed steels contain more carbon and sail, which can be used for hard rolling and high wear rate materials. High speed steel is used for taps that must be cut effectively at high speeds and must therefore be resistant to high temperature softening of the tool cutting edge(aluminum oxide grit), local standards and enterprise standards.(white corundum 200 mesh wholesale suppliers germany)

Under this hardness, the hobbing cost is high and the tool must be operated at low speed(pink corundum). Brass, green steel and cast iron are usually rolled forward with ordinary high speed steel tools. Aluminum alloy can be processed with any high-speed copper or carbide hob(emery abrasive). There are national standards (GB / T, GB), professional standards (ZB, Yb). For high temperature oxidation resistance, M42 and tl5 steels are more suitable.

(white corundum 200 mesh wholesale suppliers germany)The cost of hob is mainly affected by tolerance grade and material cost, manufacturing and grinding cost(silicon carbide abrasive). Carbide hob not only has high original cost, but also needs expensive diamond wheel for regrinding. For structural steel with hardness lower than hb300, it can be easily cut by hob made of ordinary high speed copper such as m2(synthetic corundum). The vibration of the equipment can cause damage to the tool.

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