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White Corundum 320 Mesh Manufacturers Philippines

Anodic oxidation is carried out on the green coke(white corundum), which leads to the combination failure of aggregate coke and slagging agent coke. In the second specific process of wax burning, the wax is gathered into the national fixed section, and the current density can be increased(pink alumina grit), which effectively reduces the penetration and oxidation of CO and air to the extra high quality anode section.

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It can be seen from the table that in the first stage, the extra high quality anode cost is affected by ordinary anode carbon block(pink aluminum oxide), the voltage drop is relatively more than 0.2mv, the service life of the accessory electrode is 34 days, the anode surge rate is 12.5mm/d, and the carbon consumption per ton is 436kg(brown fused alumina mesh size F12). In the second stage, the extra high quality anode is used, and the current distribution is uniform.(white corundum 320 mesh manufacturers philippines)

The super high quality anode has strong oxidation resistance, and the shape of residual electrode is regular(white aluminum oxide). The consumption of anode carbon block is mainly affected by the anode air reactivity, CO reactivity and air permeability. The diaphragm is very resistant to co inversion and CO oxidation occurs at the bottom of the anode(brown fused aluminium oxide abrasive). Therefore, to reduce the voltage drop of anode, the quality of anode must be controlled first.

(white corundum 320 mesh manufacturers philippines)With the increase of profits, the electrolysis enterprises are increasing their output below the full load production(black aluminum oxide). Due to the selective oxidation of C0 and air in the process of use, and the impact of electrolysis cycle, the anode conductive area can be reduced by more than 20%, which is easy to cause the change of electrolysis technology(white alumina polishing). The additional voltage drop includes the voltage drop of staggered bars.

Especially at present, the price of oxidation is relatively low(white fused alumina). In addition, the two-step process can effectively reduce the activity difference of impurities in the right oil coke and broken green coke, and also effectively reduce the selective oxidation loss per CO and air(brown fused alumina mesh size F14). The pressure drop of steel and carbon is related to the composition of cast iron, and the anode voltage drop is directly proportional to the resistance of carbon block.(white corundum 320 mesh manufacturers philippines)

The results show that the electrochemical efficiency of extra high quality anode carbon block ranges from 35 to 430 · mnml / m(brown fused alumina mesh size F4), while that of ordinary bottle wax anode section ranges from 45 to 6 products (p0.m). The pressure drop of the contact between aluminum and steel, the pressure drop of the overturning system(pink fused alumina suppliers), the pressure drop of the steel at the carbon position and the pressure drop of the agglomerate are composed of.

(white corundum 320 mesh manufacturers philippines)First of all, the change of working conductive area of anode level is small, which has laid a good foundation for stable production of electrolysis(brown fused alumina price). The table is the index requirements of the surface green. Under the action of force, Gaoqing is immersed into the front electrode through the pores on the anode surface(white corundum 180 mesh). Anodic oxidation includes two aspects: resistance to air oxidation and direct air oxidation in high resistance air.

In the process of use, the loss of oxide root is reduced, so the requirements for soaking flag green are strict(400 grit aluminum oxide powder). The decisive factors are the specific resistance of anode and slow carbon block and the voltage drop of carbon pin. However, the enhanced current can make full use of the existing site, public and auxiliary facilities(brown aluminum oxide 4 grit), improve the output of the electric side, and reduce the cost of energy production.(white corundum 320 mesh manufacturers philippines)

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