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It should be pointed out that the current annealing temperature has a direct effect on the cubic structure content(white corundum), grain size and impurity precipitation in the aggregate structure. Generally speaking, the higher the annealing temperature is, the larger the recrystallized grains are and the more cubic grains in the aggregate structure are(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers), the higher the specific volume is.

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The relationship between the average grain size D of lg5y annealed at different temperatures and the heat treatment temperature and holding time t is given(brown fused alumina price). The so-called annealing is a metal in high temperature after a certain period of time. In order to maintain a certain corrosion rate(white fused alumina manufacturer), it is usually necessary to add a small amount of hydrochloric acid to neutralize the insoluble Al (OH) 3.

(white corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers canada)Hard box aluminum box does not undergo heat treatment after rolling, and its crystal structure is an aggregation of slender structure along the rolling direction(white aluminum oxide). The tensile strength is almost equal in both rolling direction and vertical direction, and shows a maximum value(white aluminum oxide blast media). The halogen anions CIF and FBR, which can destroy the aluminum oxide film, have an impact on it, especially CIF.

There are four kinds of aluminum box according to hardness: Almost all aluminum cases with thickness of 15 ~ 30um are hard ones(pink corundum). Among the factors affecting the rate of electrochemical corrosion, the pH value of electrolyte solution for corrosion also has a great influence(white fused alumina price). The heat treatment methods include quenching, tempering and annealing, and annealing is commonly used for aluminum.(white corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers canada)

The pH value of solution has two effects on metal corrosion(black corundum): on the one hand, with the increase of hydrogen ion concentration in solution, that is, the decrease of pH value, the electrode potential of cathode or hydrogen electrode (which can be regarded as hydrogen electrode) becomes correct, which makes hydrogen ion discharge more easily(garnet suppliers), promotes the process of hydrogen depolarization on cathode.

(white corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers canada)On the other hand, the change of pH value also affects the growth or dissolution of oxidation film on metal surface(aluminum oxide grit), so it also affects the corrosion rate of metal. For example, the influence of pH value on the corrosion rate of aluminum pot is amphoteric metal, which is unstable in both acid and alkali solutions(white fused alumina suppliers), because aluminum and aluminum oxides will dissolve in both acid and alkali solutions.

For example, when aluminum foil is electrolytic corroded in neutral salt(white fused alumina), the main corrosion product in the anodic process is soluble aicl2, but a small amount of insoluble Al (OH) 3 precipitation may be produced. Therefore, in neutral salt solutions such as NaCl aqueous solution, the corrosion rate depends on many factors, including the solubility of corrosion products(garnet abrasive), and then slowly cooling.(white corundum abrasive wholesale suppliers canada)

In addition, the corrosion rate of aluminum in salt solution is also closely related to the characteristics of anions(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). In the electrolyte solution, the corrosion rate increases with the increase of the liquid temperature, which is because the resistivity of the electrolyte solution decreases and the anodic and cathodic processes are accelerated at the same time(black aluminium oxide), thus accelerating aluminum corrosion.

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