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White Corundum Powder Manufacturers China

H per 1t corundum, electrode consumption is 30 ~ 50kg per 1t corundum, and water consumption is 10 ~ 15m3(green carborundum). The transformer power of large-scale furnace is 1000-2000kw, and the fusible material per heat is 25-30t. The transformer power of small furnace is 600-1000kw, and the fusible material is 10-15t per heat(white alumina powder). At the same time, the wrong corundum brick made by reduction method will produce bubbles in the glass.

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Other process parameters: melting time is 15 ~ 30h, raw material consumption is 1050 ~ 1100kg per 1t corundum, power consumption is 2000 ~ 2500kw(pink corundum). Controlled annealing is to take off the mold or put the mold into the small tunnel kiln, and stop the slow cooling according to the regular annealing curve(white fused alumina suppliers). Otherwise, all kinds of heating furnace gas will penetrate into the molten liquid and then escape, forming molten liquid "blasting".(white corundum powder manufacturers china)

This is due to the strong reducibility of low valence oxides and other substances, such as C, in the glass phase of the brick(white fused alumina). This makes the gas soluble in the glass change its composition and become a gas bubble which is not easy to dissolve in the glass liquid. The solubility of SO2 in the glass liquid is low, so it becomes a bubble(white fused alumina manufacturer). According to the formula design requirements of the material, it can be used in the form of fine powder or granule. 

The influencing factors of Fengzhong process operation conditions are that the increase of temperature is favorable to increase the flow rate of dry and difficult materials(white aluminum oxide), so the output capacity of the falling equipment is also increased. The lining of white corundum furnace should not only have good heat insulation performance, but also have better air permeability, or there should be special vent holes(100 grit aluminum oxide white). It is widely used to produce fused corundum by intermittent frit method.

(white corundum powder manufacturers china)The more impurities such as T102, Fe203 and S102 in each bauxite, the more dispersed the impurities are, the greater the degree of hydration of alumina is wrapped by it, and the worse the conditions of alkali liquor and floor contact are, the more difficult the dissolution load is. The heat loss without lining accounts for more than 24% of energy consumption(aluminum oxide grit). When they contact with the glass liquid, they must seize the oxygen dissolved in the glass liquid.

White corundum furnace body is divided into two types, one is lined, generally requires sintered products; the other is unlined, only a steel cone(brown fused aluminum oxide). Corundum is generally blue or yellow gray, with glass or diamond luster, density of 3.9-4.1g/cm3, hardness of 8.8, second only to diamond and silicon carbide, and can withstand high temperature(aluminum oxide abrasive). The natural α - type alumina crystal is called corundum, which often has different colors due to different impurities.

There are two ways of annealing: natural annealing and controllable annealing(black corundum). It is easy to build without lining, but the heat loss is large. It is difficult to sinter because of its coarse grain, high inertia and small sintering shrinkage. Compared with the zirconia produced by sintering process, the stabilized zirconia produced by electrofusion has higher density, better thermal stability and is not easy to desolvent(silicon carbide companies). The heat loss with lining is about 4%.(white corundum powder manufacturers china)

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