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White Corundum Powder Wholesale Suppliers USA

The hydraulic control circuit can realize the flexible change of pressure and speed, fast unloading, multiple pressure, pressure maintaining and exhaust regulation(fused alumina). In order to discharge mud evenly, a plurality of different grids are arranged in the feeding box. When returning, the bottom edge of the box will scrape the mud along the mold surface(220 grit aluminum oxide). Quality quantitative feeding device and brick taking device. 

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The speed adjustment range of each auxiliary action cylinder is wide, which can accurately complete the required actions(white fused alumina). Pressure, displacement, temperature, flow and other sensing technologies are applied to achieve safe load limit, limit and constant temperature control of hydraulic oil(black oxide aluminum). The hydraulic system is closed and dustproof, and the hydraulic oil heating and cooling and filtering facilities are complete.

The brick clamper installed at the front end of the feed box is used for taking bricks(white aluminum oxide). Each control valve group of hydraulic system tends to be more integrated with valve plate, with few external connecting pipes, and neat and compact appearance. The weighed mud is then put into the feeding hopper with transfer and lifting mechanism(steel shot abrasive). The feeding hopper is equipped with an electric mixer and a pneumatic double sector valve.

There are two kinds of quantitative methods of molding mud: volume quantitative and mass quantitative(white corundum). The latter method can make the shape dimension of the formed brick more accurate(glass beads supplier). The sludge of the volume quantitative feeding device and the brick taking device is transported by the feeding belt through the storage hopper and then falls into the working hopper after the sulfur is loosened by an intermediate mixer.

The feeding box is driven by the hydraulic cylinder, which drives the mud box to move repeatedly over the mold hole during the filling process, so that the mud filling mold is even and the edges and corners are not loose(brown fused alumina price). In order to make the mud filling mold uniform, the bottom mold plate shall be lowered or the mold sleeve shall be raised to form the suction type packing in the packing space after the feeding box is in place(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media).

The brick clamper is composed of pneumatic or hydraulic one-way membrane cylinder with spring return(silicon carbide price). When the brick breaks out, the two-way clamping brick from the side is broken. The cleaning brush of the brick pressing die head or the nozzle for spraying the anti sticking agent are installed between the brick clamp and the feeding box(glass beads manufacturers). There are two types of reciprocating die table: dual-mode and single-mode.

When the feed box is moving, it will successively clamp the brick, clean or spray the mold, and send the mud to the mold hole(green carborundum). When the quantitative value is reached, the belt conveyor stops feeding and the stop valve stops the material flow(garnet abrasive price). Weighing and discharging are carried out in the sealed cover, and the bottom of the weighing bucket is equipped with a pneumatic double sector valve. 

The mud in the storage hopper is transported to the weighing hopper by the belt conveyor and measured by the electronic scale of the gravity sensor(silicon carbide companies). In order to make the weighing accurate, the conveying belt is equipped with a material layer adjustment ram(glass bead abrasive). When the weighing is close to the predetermined value, the ram control mechanism immediately controls the ram to transfer the thin layer micro feeding.

The mud is stirred from receiving to discharging, so that the mud is evenly added into the mold(arc fused alumina). The front end of the feeding hopper is equipped with a nozzle, and anti sticking agent is sprayed on the die hole in front of the feeding when moving(fused aluminum oxide). When necessary, convenient component replacement and maintenance, a brick holder can also be installed in front of the hopper to clamp and transfer the bricks according to the procedure.

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