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However, the diffusion theory can not fully explain the adhesion between different polymers(silicon carbide abrasive), and it does not even involve the adhesion between the metal and the capsule. For example, the bonding strength of the aluminum alloy treated by chemical oxidation is one to six times higher than that of untreated or other methods(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight), which makes the bonding strength of the matrix of resin lapis lazuli wheel cap increase rapidly.

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Next, we will make a preliminary analysis from three aspects of surface cleanliness, roughness and surface chemical structure(pink aluminum oxide). It is also known as the molecular permeation theory, because this theory holds that the adhesion between polymers is caused by molecular diffusion. In addition to the rational selection of adhesives and proper dry joint design(synthetic corundum price), how to properly handle the surface of the bonded materials is a very important issue. 

As we all know, it is very difficult to use adhesive to bond Teflon and vinyl, but if the surface is treated properly(black aluminum oxide), their bonding strength is significantly improved, even more than the cohesive strength of the material itself. In this theory, adhesion is regarded as a surface process, that is(alumina grit), adhesion is produced by the mutual adsorption of adhesive and adherend molecules on the interface, and then introduce several methods of surface treatment.

However, there are many kinds of adherend materials and their surfaces(brown fused aluminum oxide), including metallic materials and non-metallic materials, clean and polluted surfaces, smooth and rough or porous surfaces. However, it is generally believed that there are three main functions of surface treatment(fused aluminium oxide): to remove the surface dirt and loose layer that hinder the bonding, to improve the surface energy and increase the surface area.

According to thermodynamics, there are also high-energy surfaces and low-energy surfaces(white aluminum oxide). In terms of chemical structure, some are active surfaces and some are inert surfaces. At present, people can not determine the most suitable surface treatment methods of various materials according to the existing adhesion theory(aluminum oxide grit). Different surface treatment methods often have a significant impact on the durability of bonded products.

What is the basis for choosing surface treatment(white fused alumina)? Since adhesion is a physical and chemical observation between surfaces, it is essential to understand the nature of adhesion phenomenon in order to achieve correct surface treatment. On the basis of a large number of experiments(aluminum oxide abrasive), the relationship between some surface properties and adhesion properties has been gradually clarified(especially the humid and hot conditions).

Therefore, in order to obtain bonding products with high bonding strength and good durability(green silicon carbide), it is required that the prepared surface layer (such as aluminum oxide film) be firmly combined with the matrix material and adhesive, and this combination is not (or less) affected by the environmental medium(black silicon carbide). The surface treatment of the bonded material may be the main factor to determine the strength and durability of the bonded parts.

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