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White Fused Alumina Abrasives Wholesale Price USA

According to reports(white fused alumina), the lining of the iron ditch of the small and medium-sized blast furnaces in West Germany is generally made of materials mixed with silicon carbide, and its life span is 1 to 2 times longer than that of undoped silicon carbide. The mix ratio of the mud is: 78% of kaolin clay sand lined with large tapping trench, 5% of coal powder(silicon carbide abrasive), 14% of tar, 3% of phenolic resin, and 12-40% of hardener hexamethylenetetramine.

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The general chemical composition of the material is: Al2O3, 62.6%, SiO2, 6.06%, Fe2O3, 35.5%, SiN, 5.5%, SiC, 13.22%, C8.08%, burning loss 2.66%(white aluminum oxide). Due to the expansion of pyrophyllite at high temperature, this material can offset the partial shrinkage of the ramming material to maintain the stability of the lining volume(green silicon carbide). The table shows the materials and properties of refractory ramming materials for the iron ditch of the blast furnace in Japan.

For this reason, Japan has conducted extensive research on trench materials and construction methods, and has achieved remarkable results(white corundum). Generally using chemically combined SiC-C-corundum-mullite refractory ramming material, in order to enhance oxidation resistance and wear resistance(black silicon carbide). The compressive strength and flexural strength after heating and holding at 1450 ° C for 2 hours were 142.8 kg / cm and 20.4 kg / cm, respectively, and the open porosity was 25.4%.

Change the ditch materials such as A-5 and AT12(brown fused alumina price). Therefore, the mix ratio of cool fire ramming material used in the lining of the iron ditch of the French blast furnace is: 20 ~ 60% of pyrophyllite 0 ~ 8 mm, 5 ~ 30% of silicon carbide 0 ~ 1 mm, and the plastic adhesion of less than 0.5 mm Seven 6 ~ 20%, 3 ~ 5 mm quartz 5 ~ 25%, less than 0.5 mm solid asphalt 5 ~ 15%, water 7%(aluminum oxide abrasive). The working conditions in Tiegou Village are poor and the service life is short. 

The material has good corrosion resistance to molten iron and molten metal(black aluminum oxide). The hardener can promote the phenol and amine contained in the tar to participate in the reaction, thereby improving the solidification of the mud. Tiegou trench materials are generally selected from tar or resin and sintered alumina, fused alumina, monkey silicon(wholesale brown fused alumina), carbonaceous materials and adhesion materials, formulated or refractory ramming materials, which basically meet the production requirements.

Japan's small and medium-sized blast furnace trenches generally use ramming materials such as R-SN, BF-N, and BF-F as the lining, with adhesive or asphalt as a binder, and some chemical binders are also used(pink aluminum oxide). R-AKs, R-A2, BF-AS1, BF-K are used for the tapping trenches of large and medium blast furnaces(emery abrasive). The bottom of the trench and the parts in contact with the molten iron can also be made of refractory ramming materials such as R-SN and R-S.

The combination of R-AK is as follows: fused alumina less than 8 mm 30%(aluminum oxide grit), high-quality graphite 7-10%, silicon carbide 15-20%, clay 5-10%, plus an appropriate amount of chemical binder (generally phosphoric acid Wait). Moreover, the mix ratio of the blast furnace tapping trench material proposed by this crucible company is(synthetic corundum): sometimes doped with nitrogen, 55-75% of alumina, 10-30% of silicon carbide, 5-20% of carbon, and 5-12% of chemical bonding agent.

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