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White Fused Alumina Abrasives Wholesale Suppliers Russia

Recently, tar magnesium bricks (BM), light burned tar magnesium bricks (TM) and impregnated fired or magnesia bricks (FM) have also been used(white fused alumina); American oxygen converters have also recently used asphalt-bound or impregnated cristobalite bricks (FTM). The thickness of the bottom corner of the furnace is 630 ~ 720 mm(white aluminium oxide manufacturer), and the thickness of the tapping side is 450 ~ 540 mm.

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For example, in the early stages of oxygen converter steelmaking production, the same brick type is generally used for each part of the lining, and its thickness is basically the same(white aluminum oxide). However, due to the difference in the use conditions of each part, the damage situation of the lining is different. The most swimming place is 360 mm and the thickest part is 900 mm(black silicon carbide). The average service life of the furnace lining is 450 times.

The lining of the top blowing oxygen converter trunnion, slag line, charging side and tapping side is the most vulnerable, and the bottom blowing oxygen converter bottom lining is also a weak link(white corundum). In some countries, the thickness of the furnace lining is simply increased in the most vulnerable parts to increase the age of the furnace(aluminum oxide abrasive). The life of the lining is doubled, and the consumption of refractories is reduced by about 50%.

Therefore, the front oxygen converter generally adopts comprehensive lining technology, so that each part can achieve balanced corrosion loss, extend life, and reduce costs(brown fused alumina price). Although it has a certain effect, the weight of the converter is increased and the furnace capacity is relatively reduced(aluminum oxide grit). This is uneconomical; in some countries, the entire converter lining is used. High-quality urban bricks are also unreasonable.

According to the production practice of various countries, this furnace is made of basic bricks produced by Kurosaki Kiln Industry Co., and the types and properties of converter bricks used in different parts of the lining are different(black aluminum oxide). The oil Baiyun line brick and the brand THD-SD brick are used in the general part, increase production volume, and most other parts are made of magnesium dolomite brick(synthetic corundum). better.

Moreover, the l10-ton top-blown oxygen converter of Shixing Steel Plant of Nippon Steel Corporation selected nine sizes of basic bricks and built them into a comprehensive furnace lining(pink aluminum oxide). The figures in the figure are the thickness of the lining of each part(emery abrasive). The bottom of the furnace is made of tar dolomite bricks and fired dolomite bricks, each with a thickness of 250 mm, and the residual lining remains after use.

Most of the oxygen converter linings in Western Europe use tar dolomite brick (TB), magnesium-rich self-dolomite brick (TBE) and light-fired palace magnesia white dolomite brick (TE), etc(silicon carbide abrasive). The reasonable design of the converter brick size is of great significance(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). That is, the most suitable converter brick masonry is selected according to the use conditions of the furnace lining at each part of the conversion.

They are all built with non-fired synthetic dolomite bricks; the thickness of the charging side is 540 mm(green silicon carbide). 900 mm, using fired magnesia dolomite bricks; the trunnion area on both sides is damaged differently, one side is 540 mm thick, the other side is 450 mm thick, also fired magnesia dolomite bricks(white aluminum oxide 220 grit); light-burned tar dolomite brick (TD), tapping Magnesia brick is used as furnace lining at the furnace mouth.

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