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White Fused Alumina For Precision Casting Germany

Once the side is emptied, the high temperature fluid directly contacts the side steel plate(white fused alumina). Due to sodium erosion, the station structure of the side carbon silicon nitride block is loose, expanded and cracked, resulting in side pulverization, loss of protection function, and increasing the horizontal current in the refining unit(240 grit aluminum oxide). The depth of Jing acupoint is more than 10 cm. This current will increase the breakdown side.

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There are two forms of pit, one is the larger rainfall, the existing form is basically corresponding to each column will have this phenomenon(black silicon carbide). In severe cases, the part is exposed to oxidation in the air, and the rate of leakage due to the damage of the storage part is also very large(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media). In cathode inner materials, the inner lining of electrolyzer will be damaged and the shell will be deformed due to the application of various materials.

(white fused alumina for precision casting germany)The reason for the fracture of furnace bottom barrier is the volume expansion caused by thermal expansion and the penetration of sodium into the furnace cathode, which is greater than that from room temperature to 1000 ℃(white aluminum oxide). Plus horizontal current and physical punching. Some of the cases have been dilated, so that the tropics are on the topic(white fused aluminium oxide). In this way, from the surface forming cycle, the liquid velocity field changes more.

Due to the action of the electromagnetic force(green silicon carbide), the aluminum oxide in the laying machine and electrolyte keeps on physical card blocking and helping the side part, and finally causes the electrolytic pressure and the output and reduction interface to touch the side steel plate directly. The reasons are reflected in several aspects(garnet abrasive). The trend of this problem depends on the amount of absorption and the absorption pin The distribution of.(white fused alumina for precision casting germany)

In addition, in the current management, the management of the painting is better than that of the hot belt, and the thermal stress of the system is increased(white corundum). Electrolytic production is continuous, and each process is closely linked. With the growth of the tank age, the cathode inner materials will be broken(silicon carbide grit). Due to the interaction between the magnetic field and the horizontal current in the liquid lead, a strong reflux is formed.

(white fused alumina for precision casting germany)Each type of work is based on the phase line to see safe production, increase production and improve efficiency(black corundum). Therefore, it is necessary to have corresponding operation process, management system and process standards, and highly unified understanding(brown corundum abrasive). The production site is the place where employees directly engage in production activities, create value and use value, and is the carrier of enterprise productivity.

So as to cause leakage protection(brown fused aluminum oxide). Leakage of protection occurred. The penetration of sodium has the following effects: the reaction between the pin and carbon forms a kind of complex, which will increase the distance between the acid characters, cause the influence and split from the surface, and lead to the local stress concentration or fracture extension(garnet suppliers). The picture shows the comparison before and after alkali loss of the side post.(white fused alumina for precision casting germany)

Uneven suction pin will cause the bottom to lift and local carbon block to peel off(pink corundum). The cathode carbon block layer material falls to the source and floats to dry the electric surface. In this case, the degree of beneficial root will not exceed 10 cm. However, it will lead to uneven pit on the surface of the anode, uneven current density of cathode and slow current(60 grit aluminum oxide), which will lead to erosion pit and eventually lead to furnace leakage.

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