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White Fused Alumina For Precision Casting South Korea

The ratio of low-temperature impact toughness to room temperature impact toughness increases(white fused alumina); for high-manganese steels with w(C) in the range of 1.25% to 1.35%, as the nickel content increases at room temperature. As nickel reduces the brittle transition temperature, with the increase of nickel content(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media), nickel has no effect on the impact toughness of low carbon and high manganese steel at room temperature.

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Nickel makes the as-cast structure in The amount of stenite has increased significantly(garnet abrasive price), so whether at room temperature or low temperature, the impact cut of as-cast high manganese steel increases with the increase of nickel content, and the increase is much greater than after heat treatment(brown fused alumina for sale). The water toughening treatment makes molybdenum solid dissolve in the austenite for alloying, its impact toughness decreases.

(white fused alumina for precision casting south korea)Nickel does not affect the work hardening performance and wear resistance of steel(white aluminum oxide), but if nickel is added to the steel at the same time as titanium, chromium, and other elements, it can increase the hardness of the steel matrix. Under the working conditions of non-strong impact abrasive wear(brown fused alumina grit), it can improve the resistance Abrasive. The impact toughness at low temperature increases with the increase of nickel content.

Under the same other chemical composition(glass beads manufacturers), the same heat treatment method and process, the high content of molybdenum The grains of manganese steel after heat treatment are relatively fine. This effect of nickel is similar to that of silicon because it can reduce the solubility of carbon in austenite, and relatively promote the precipitation of carbides(white fused alumina abrasives), thereby reducing the impact toughness of high manganese steel.(white fused alumina for precision casting south korea)

High manganese steel usually w(Mo)<2.0%(white corundum), adding tongs can refine the microstructure of high manganese steel after water toughening treatment, improve the yield strength of high manganese steel, and the impact toughness will not decrease. Nickel also has an effect on the crystalline structure of castings(pink aluminium oxide). Adding w(Ni)=0.9%~3.25% in high-manganese steel can eliminate the transcrystalline in the low-magnification structure and refine the grains.

(white fused alumina for precision casting south korea)W(Ti) is generally 0.05%~0.10%(brown fused alumina price). When it exceeds 0.4%, the high manganese steel will be embrittled, the plasticity and toughness will be significantly reduced, and the wear resistance will be reduced (table). Titanium is similar to sight and sail, both of which are strong carbide forming elements, and its affinity with carbon is greater than that of sight and sail(steel shot abrasive). The cap can refine the microstructure of the steel after water toughening treatment.

The chemical properties of titanium are active(black aluminum oxide). In addition, the addition of titanium can also inhibit high manganese steel. The growth of columnar crystals prevents the formation of trans-crystals. Titanium can refine the as-cast structure and prevent embrittlement after heat treatment(silicon carbide abrasive powder). The TiC and TiN particles formed by titanium in austenitic manganese steel can improve the work hardening ability and offset the harm of phosphorus.

Because the excessive titanium content increases the TiN, Ti(CN) and other inclusions in the steel(pink aluminum oxide), these inclusions are generally polygonal with sharp edges and corners, which are prone to stress concentration under load, resulting in high manganese steel impact toughness Decrease, the strength and plasticity decrease(glass bead abrasive). It can form stable compounds with carbon, nitrogen and oxygen in steel, such as TiC, TiN, Ti2, so titanium is also a deoxidizer.(white fused alumina for precision casting south korea)

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