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White Fused Alumina For Precision Casting Switzerland

In the same year, the world's first aluminum smelter was built near Paris(white fused alumina). The current efficiency is only 70%, while the DC power consumption is as high as 42000 kwh. At that time, the current intensity of the electrolytic cell was only several thousand amperes, the current efficiency was low, and the direct current consumption per ton of aluminum was high(alumina grit). At present, the first discovery of aluminum is alum (aluminum sulfate).

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In 1854, Bunsen of Germany claimed that aluminum was obtained by electrolysis of NaCl alcla complex salt with carbon electrode(white aluminum oxide); in 1883, Bradley of the United States put forward the technical scheme of electrolytic cryolite alumina molten salt, but no patent was obtained. Up to now, all aluminum plants in the world use this technology(black silicon carbide). The current efficiency also increased from 70% to 80%, and the DC power consumption decreased to 20000 kwh.

(white fused alumina for precision casting switzerland)In 1886, hall of the United States and heroult of France simultaneously applied for and obtained the patent for aluminum smelting by molten salt electrolysis of cryolite alumina, which is the so-called hall heroult process(white corundum). The development of aluminum smelting technology is from chemical method to modern application of electrolytic method(aluminum oxide abrasive). Since 1923, a side inserted self baking anode electrolyzer with a cell capacity of 25kA appeared.

From the development of the current capacity of the electrolytic cell, when the electrolytic process was applied to the industrial aluminum smelting in 1888(brown fused aluminum oxide), due to power rectification and other reasons, the early electrolytic cell had only a few thousand amperes. Only in China, there are more than a dozen enterprises with 400kA or above in operation, and 500ka series production has been put into operation(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers), and 600ka tank type is also under planning.(white fused alumina for precision casting switzerland)

In 1808, oersted of Denmark reduced anhydrous aluminum chloride with potassium mercury(black corundum), and obtained powder with metallic luster when grinding, and so far, which proved that he got some impure aluminum. In 1827, Wohler in Germany reduced anhydrous aluminum chloride with potassium to obtain fine metal particles(aluminum oxide grit). In 1845, he passed aluminum chloride gas through the surface of molten metal potassium to obtain aluminum.

(white fused alumina for precision casting switzerland)In the 8th to 9th century, alum was produced in Russia for the first time and used in dyeing industry and leather kneading with goatskin(pink corundum). After entering the 20th century, with the development of rectification technology, the current intensity of small pre melting electrolyzer has been improved, and self compensation anode electrolyzer has appeared(garnet suppliers). At the same time, the up plug self compensating anode electrolyzer began to appear.

In 1854, French Deville reduced NaCl ALCL complex salt with sodium to obtain metal aluminum(green silicon carbide). After the 1950s, the development trend of the current intensity of electrolytic cell is shown in Fig. 1-1. By the 1960s, there is still solution ion electrolysis method under studythe current intensity of small pre cultured anode electrolyzer was increased to 50kA(garnet abrasive), and the current intensity of side inserted self culture anode electrolyzer was increased to 60 ~ 80kA.(white fused alumina for precision casting switzerland)

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