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White Fused Alumina For Refractory Price Indonesia

These compounds largely determine the recovery rate of Al2O3, the settling performance of red mud and the amount of alkali taken away by red mud(white aluminum oxide). Increasing temperature and adding lime can change goethite into hematite, which can dissolve Al2O3 and improve the settling property of red mud(brown aluminum oxide factory). In a word, hematite is regarded as a kind of favorable iron mineral, while hydrated goethite (goethite, maghemite, fibrous iron) is regarded as an unfavorable compound.

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The most important iron minerals in bauxite are hematite and goethite(white corundum). In addition to adding Ca, the method of adding CaO + NaC1 or CaO + NaAsO at the same time can also be used. The relationship between the temperature of complete transformation of Al goethite to hematite and the amount of Aus (molecular percentage) of Al substituted iron in the sample(silicon carbide abrasive grit). The amount of Al2O3 in goethite lattice is about 1%, and the amount of aluminum entering into goethite is very small. 

(white fused alumina for refractory price indonesia)Adding a large amount of lime will produce 3CaO · (al, Fe) 2O3 · xsio2 · (6-x) H2O(brown fused alumina price). In the 1970s, Hungary studied how to transform goethite from bauxite into hematite better. The methods are as follows: no additive is added above 300 ℃ (in the pipeline dissolver); Cao is added above 250 ℃; CaO and catalyst are added at 230-250 ℃(carborundum grit). Therefore, the presence of afeo.9salo.osoh in Pingguo ore has little effect on the dissolution of Al2O3.

Therefore, for the bauxite with high content of goethite and hydrated lead hematite, iron compounds are not simple inert impurities(black corundum). The temperature and reaction time of goethite to hematite can be greatly reduced by adding Cao and na2so2 in Hungary (230-240 ℃, 30min), and Fe2 +, Mn2 + and Mg + can also be added at the same time(carborundum abrasives). During the dissolution of Yugoslav bauxite, the conversion effect of na2so2 from Goethite to hematite is related to the content of additives.(white fused alumina for refractory price indonesia)

Al2O3 increased by 1% (molecule), and the temperature of complete transformation decreased by 5 ℃(pink corundum). The iron mineral in bauxite is not a kind of unimportant slag material in the dissolution process. It can affect the process, the dissolution rate of alumina, the separation performance and washing performance of red mud(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), that is to say, the loss of caustic soda, and the quantity and nature of iron minerals will also affect the capacity of aluminum oxide plant.

(white fused alumina for refractory price indonesia)The effect of molecular ratio of sodium aluminate solution is also obvious(white fused alumina). The adverse effects of goethite type bauxite are as follows: due to the substitution of Al in goethite lattice, the dissolution rate of alumina is reduced, resulting in Fe1 - · al · 00h, where x = 0 ~ 0.33(aluminum oxide blasting media). With this kind of ore, the dissolution rate of alumina is often reduced by about 2% ~ 3%; it is adverse to the separation and sedimentation of red mud; the loss of dissolved caustic soda is large.

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