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White Fused Alumina For Refractory Suppliers Belgium

The device is composed of refractory lining and burner, and the service temperature is generally 1100-1300 ℃(white aluminum oxide). Generally, clay bricks or high aluminum bricks are used to build the walls of igniters and furnaces. In the production of pellets, lime and other substances are usually added. Under high temperature(white fused alumina oxide mfg), Cao can react with alumina silicate refractory brick, which aggravates the abrasion of the exhaust pipe and the dust remover.

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The following only describes the refractories of the car body, calculation bar, igniter and other parts(white corundum). Therefore, the bottom of furnace wall is seriously corroded by chemistry, so the igniter device is eroded by high temperature. Therefore, the length of this life has an important influence on sintering production(buy brown fused alumina). In the process of sintering production, the body of the trolley is bent and deformed, which is generally called waist collapse, especially for the cast steel trolley.

In order to ensure the smooth production, a gap of 15-20 mm is often left between the trolley and the air box at the head and tail of the sintering machine during the installation or maintenance(brown fused alumina price). Igniter is an important part of sintering machine. The so-called igniter is a device that ignites on the mobile trolley full of mixture(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). For this reason, some factories have installed spring devices under the cover plates of the head and tail bellows to seal, reducing air leakage.

Sometimes the gap is even larger due to the poor installation quality, resulting in serious harmful air leakage(black corundum), which not only damages the air system of the air box, but also a large number of high temperature, hard, multi edge and large granular sinter are pumped at the tail The exhaust pipe goes inside(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). Modern sintering machines generally adopt technical measures such as high negative pressure, thick material layer, dense ignition and surface heat preservation. 

Although the air leakage rate of the gas collection pipe and the dust collector of the sintering machine is small, even a small amount of air leakage has a great impact on the dust removal efficiency(pink corundum). Therefore, reducing the harmful air leakage of the exhaust system is also one of the very important work(brown fused alumina factory). At the same time, the dust removal equipment is complete and the whole production process is controlled by electronic computer, combustion gas and various kinds of chemical erosion.

However, the selection of refractories in each system of sintering production is also very important, which even directly affects the sintering output(white fused alumina). The belt sintering machine is a closed sintering belt composed of many trolleys, which is an important part of the sintering machine(brown fused alumina 60 grit). According to the cause analysis of the damage of the trolley body, resulting in the damage of the village, the trolley is required to be resistant to high temperature and thermal fatigue.

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