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White Fused Alumina For Refractory Suppliers Portugal

Strengthening 5% of the current insulation material needs to be thinned by 1 to 5cm(white corundum 320 mesh). To strengthen the current, we must strive to improve the quality of the anode. When the quality of the anode cannot be cleared enough, the anode period should be shortened(pink corundum). On the contrary, it will cause prestige to protect and melt. It causes the quality of primary oxygen to drop into voltage fluctuations, etc.

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As well as the increase in unit production capacity, the energy balance and material balance will change after the current increase in Xinyi, and Xiangjing should be adjusted(brown fused alumina mesh size F20). Therefore, it is very important to adjust and stabilize the technical conditions during the process. Due to the strengthening of the current, the idle current density increases(green silicon carbide factory), the current rate of the anode is high, and the phenomenon of bursting and breaking occurs.

(white fused alumina for refractory suppliers portugal)The strengthening of the current should be carried out when the series of electrolytic cells reach a uniform standard solution, and the strengthening range should be carried out slowly(brown aluminum oxide 22 grit). To keep the slot awake unchanged. It is necessary to reduce the molecular ratio to lower the temperature of the initial electrolyte, but after reducing the molecular ratio(green silicon carbide), the electrolyte conductivity decreases and the electrolyte resistance increases.

Theoretically, the maximum value of the enhanced current should be within the rectifier unit's amplitude setting, and the passive space of the anode current should be modeled(pink fused alumina factory). The temperature of the current-proof cabinet will be high when the magnetization phase is high(black silicon carbide). Therefore, the appropriate amplitude should be selected during the strengthening process. are in the conductor in the slot at the same time.(white fused alumina for refractory suppliers portugal)

It is not possible to reduce the molecular ratio. After strengthening the current, maintaining a higher molecular ratio has the following three advantages(pink fused alumina manufacturers). The so-called direct output electrolysis machine means that the cathode current penetrates from the sugar bottom to change the original cathode horizontal current to a heavy direct current(steel shot abrasive), so as to dissipate the inward cross field and realize the stability of the melting fluid.

(white fused alumina for refractory suppliers portugal)Increasing the molecular ratio can increase the conductivity of the electrolyte and keep the approximate distance constant(brown aluminum oxide 20 grit); after increasing the molecular ratio, the primary crystal temperature will increase and the superheat will decrease. The resistance of the electrolyte is much greater than the resistance of the wrong liquid(black corundum). The current passes through the electrolyte from the high pole to the interface of the liquid. 

The figure is the simulation result of the vertical magnetic field distribution generated by the special current of the fine cathode steel electrolysis of the electric pins on the side and the surrounding bus current(brown fused alumina mesh size F22). According to U=IR, U remains unchanged and rises, R needs to be reduced(brown fused alumina price). Xingran focuses on the characteristics of the influence of the conductor in the slot on the magnetic field and current distribution.(white fused alumina for refractory suppliers portugal)

The current distribution in the electrolyte layer is straight and uniform; in the lead liquid layer(white aluminum oxide 240 mesh), due to its good conductivity and the upper electrolyte It is incomparable to the conductivity of the lower carbon block (more than 10 times), because the surface will produce a certain amount of electric irrigation(white corundum). Strengthening the current thermal income is increased, if the silver level and other technical conditions cannot adapt.

(white fused alumina for refractory suppliers portugal)Reduced to eliminate the horizontal current component of the molten aluminum layer and the horizontal output current that generates the vertical magnetic field, it can effectively reduce the electric field's influence on the melt flow and passive(black fused alumina factory). Make the melt purely move and flow in the comb The original driving force of encouragement is greatly weakened or eliminated(white aluminum oxide). These all increase the instability of the fluid in the tank.

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