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White Fused Alumina For Refractory Suppliers USA

In order to promote the decomposition of sodium aluminate solution, it is necessary to dilute the dissolved pulp(white corundum). If the solution is finally cooled to 30 ℃ in the decomposition process, the components of the denominator solution can reach the intersection of the line and the 30 ℃ isotherm theoretically(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). In the actual production process, due to the limitation of time, that is, it is still supersaturated with Al2O3.

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It can be seen that a batch of aluminum hydroxide can be extracted from the ore after such a cycle of operation, but its composition still remains unchanged(brown fused alumina price). AB, BC, CD and Da lines in the figure represent the changes of solution composition in each operation process, which are called dissolution line, dilution line, decomposition line and evaporation line respectively. They just form a closed quadrilateral, that is, a cycle process(black silicon carbide manufacturers). Actual production

According to Bayer process, the amount of alkali that must be contained in the circulating mother liquor to produce 1t alumina can be calculated(black corundum). There are differences between the process and the ideal process, mainly the chemical loss and mechanical loss of Al2O3 and Na2O. If the concentration of the solution is increased, the number of solutions circulating will be reduced(silicon carbide companies). At the same time, the quantity of solution is related to the concentration of solution.

During the decomposition process, the composition of the solution changes along the line between point C and the figure point of al2o3-3h2o(pink corundum). When the solution is dissolved, there is steam condensate to dilute the solution, while the added seed often brings the mother liquor to improve the molecular ratio of the solution(carborundum grit). After each operation cycle, the lost alkali must be supplemented before the mother liquor can recover to point a at the beginning of the cycle.

This amount of alkali does not include alkali loss(silicon carbide price), only refers to the amount of alkali recycled in the process, so it is called the amount of circulating alkali, expressed in N, and the unit is ton (T). The purpose of putting forward circulating alkali quantity and circulating efficiency is to show that the effect of Bayer process is the molecular ratio (MR) m and (MR) of mother liquor and solution. It has a lot to do with it(silicon carbide abrasive grit), so each line segment will deviate from the position shown in the figure.

This process has a significant impact on the output and quality of products and the technical and economic indicators of the whole plant(white fused alumina). With the increase of (MR) m and the decrease of (MR), the decomposition process ends when the composition of the solution changes to point D, the amount of circulating alkali needed for the production of 1tal2o3 decreases(brown aluminum oxide factory). Therefore, the circulation efficiency is the two important indexes to analyze the operation effect and reform way of Bayer method.

In addition to the aluminum hydroxide obtained by seed decomposition(white aluminum oxide), the seed mother liquor with high causticity is also obtained as the circulating mother liquor for dissolving bauxite, thus forming the closed-circuit circulation for alumina production by Bayer process, and the circulating efficiency is higher(green carborundum). The main technical indexes of the process are: alumina concentration, molecular ratio, initial temperature, final temperature, seed ratio, decomposition time, etc.

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